Moffatdale MINDFIT 2021


FRIDAY – Working with the Horse 


SUNDAY – MINDFIT Kids & Family

Due to popular demand-interest in rural areas

our courses are now being held in Moffatdale.

Numbers are limited so book early




MINDFIT – The power of working with the Mind Body and Environment

Chris Brazel teaches you the ART of Living Well.  She teaches you the energy connection of the Mind, Body and Your Environment.

How to step out of the emotions of life and what is going on around you to taking action and creating the changes you need in your life or business.

What the mind thinks, the body feels and your environment reflects.

Often in life we get tired up in the emotions, we feel we hit a wall with no where to do.

The courses Chris Brazel teaches show you how to create turning points through simple changes through conscious choices with a purpose.

She teaches you how to read your enviornment and see how it is totally reflecting what you are thinking and feeling about life.

Be ready to work with colour, energy alignment and your home.

2021 a year  will be a year of change, adapt, acept – change, adapt, accept.   SO BE READY.

Being also, the year of the Ox you have every opportunity to create the most amazing wealthy life in every aspect you could wish for.

The key will be the changes you makes.  

The routine and disciplines you start and create at the start of the year.  



The Power of working with the Horse 

Friday 5th February

1.30 – 5.00pm



Access Coding – 2021

Saturday 6th February

9.30am – 4.30pm



Sunday  9.00am – 12.00 noon


Come and join in and be part of a new way to Train the Brain and start to win in life.

The Mind is the power centre.

What you think is what you invite into your life and your business.

What You Learn

Chris Brazel is one of the most powerful MINDFIT Trainers in Australia.  She has taught in many countries.  Her books are best sellers.  She contantly changes people’s lives.  She has turned hundreds of businesses around from failing to success.  Her work is well recognised.  From working with the mind and energy space of a small child, to a family to a large corporation the work is all the same.  It starts with the MIND – Chris Brazel then teaches you how to step out of the emotions and into action and doing.  It is the action steps you can take with a conscious choice with a purpose that helps you change direction and create the power within to succeed to your goals.


1.30pm – 5.00pm

MINDFIT – How to Train Your Brain working with the horse.


Working with the horse can be one of the most powerful ways to train your brain to new ways in feeling and thinking.

When I work with you and the horse I am allowing him to help me read your mind and find the blocks that stopping you in life.


Join me for a fasinating half day course.

Learn Brain Training exercises that will create shifts in your mind and your body.

COST:  $45.00


MINDFIT – How to Train Your Brain

2021 What is the Year about

The energy connection  of your Home Environment to your mind

How to make changes in your home environment to change your mind

How to Access the energy of your  mind to know how to make changes

How to work with colour to create a positive  mindset

COST:  $195.00


  • Teaching Children about their mind and how to make it feel good
  • Exercises with the body to change the mind to a positive mind
  • How to work with  Creativity to change to a positive mind
  • How to bring a feeling of peace to the mind
  • Special Meditations to work with




How to understand your child and their mind

Ways you can work with your child to help them have a positive mind

How to work with your home environment to create a happy home and happy family





Special Packages for families who wish to attend both days and have more then one child.  Please enquire on the price for your family pack.



Success Stories to Inspire You

Renata Cruze

  • Renata joined the WOW MINDFIT Club and totally turned her life and her business around.
  • Weight Loss to size 8
  • Totally turned her tile company around during Covid 19
  • Sold a house first inspection top $$$
  • Bought the house of her dreams



Fiona Davidson

  • Fiona attended WOW Bootcamps and workshop in Australia and Hawaii
  • She went from Credit Card Debt, No job, A car that was a bomb 
  • to:    No Credit Card debt
  • Paid cash for her new car
  • Owns and operates a very successful Business Consulting Company
  • A total MINDFIT change to a totally new life.





Neil Bailey

Neil wanted to quit his job in a tile company

Start his own building design company

In just 11 months even during Covid he achieved his goal



Sally Bird

Sally and Her husband were not happy with their jobs or their home

Within 8 weeks they sold their home well  over what the agents thought

First inspection – sold

Both moved into new jobs with great career moves

Bought their new home





Are you ready to make the changes that will create a great 2021 year?


This year is about change, adapt, accept, change, adapt, accept. 

Know how to make the changes you know you need to make with a positve MINDSET and action plan.



Work with Chris Brazel

Are you ready to create the changes you know you want in your life or business?

Let me Access Code you and your business and show you how easy change can be.

We will work with the energy connection of You and your goals and put into place the first domino to kick off the journey into perfect energy alignment to success.

I am ready to help you reach full potential.  Life is time.  It is importnat to make the most of both life and time.