MINDIFIT – WOW Mini Bootcamps

May Monthly Workshops


Saturday 1st May –  Springbrook National Park


Sunday 2nd May –  Online


Join me either in person on Saturday 1st – at Springbrook National Park


Online on Sunday

Each month I will run  mini bootcamps to Success for you and your  goals.  They can be either personal or business.

What we go through:

  • The energy for the month coming up
  • The colours to work with and why
  • Your personal Access Codes for the month

Places are limited so I can give you individual attention to make sure you are manifesting.


Saturday 1st May Springbrook

Meet 9.30am at Springbrook National Park

This month we are learning to connect to nature

Learn to read messages from the trees, the birds and water.

After the walk through the park we will work with the Koala Meditation.  Teaching you to link to the flow or prosperity.  We will also work on the Gold Coin Meditation

Next you will learn to paint a rose to open the heart to be free.

Painting and creating in nature has a magic of its own.

Online Manifesting with Mind, Meditation and ART


Sunday 2nd May

Energies for the Month of May – what to expect

Colour, crystals and area in the home to work with

The Gold Coin Meditation how to attract wealth to you easily

How to paint a rose the perfect flower to open the heart to be free to love again.

This month we will work either on a small box or a glass jar that you can add bloodstone to for attracting the wealth you want to attract.

The Sweet Spot in Business


Manifesting starts with a thought

Then you add words to that thought

You then complete an action step

You release and let go

You step out of the way

The gift is delivered to you

Our mini workshops are here to keep you focused and on track.

You forget the how a goal can be achieved and you move into an action plan

Springbrook – 1st May

Costs:  $95.00


  • Energies to work with for May and How
  • Personal Access Codes for the month
  • Walk and mind body lessons in nature
  • Box or glass to paint for roses
  • Paints and brushes
  • Download to Gold Coin Meditaton

What to bring?

  • Be prepared to walk in nature
  • Water bottle for walking 
  • Large water bottle to use when painting
  • Eats for the morning


9.30am – 12.30


Online – Sunday 2nd May

Manifesting through Mind, Meditation and ART 

Cost:    $55.00 

  • Energies to work with for May
  • Personal Access Codes for May
  • Gold Coin Meditation – to attract 
  • Koala Meditation for flow
  • How to paint a rose to connect to the heart to be free to love and free to receive
  • You can work with either a canvas, box or jar

If working with the box or jar I will teach you the bloodstone tip which is proving to help many with easy access to money.  April saw Cindy receive $10,000 just by exchanging her knowledge and wisdom for cash.  This was on top of what she normally earns – a bonus

Time:        1.00pm – 4.00pm

What you need to have:

  • Space to work with me through zoom
  • Canvas, box or jar to paint on
  • Arcyllic paints – white, lime green and fuchsia pink ( spotlight or bunnings have the best prices)
  • Flat brush
  • Round brush
  • Paper towel
  • Plate for the paint or you can use glad bake

Working with the mind and body with creativity is a powerful way to manifest what you want.  You move out of the emotions and into creating.  The rest just follows.

Love to have you join me – it will be fun.

Call if you want to ask any questions of chat about the course.

Successes from 2020 Bootcamps & Membership

Top Achiever – Renata Cruze

Weight loss to size 8

Totally turned her Tile Business to #1 for DIY & Tradies

Sold her home – 1st inspection top $$$

Bought the home of her dreams

New Kid on the Block – Neil Bailey

Neil’s goals to quit his full time job

Start his own renovation and Design Company

All this he did during Covid and within 12 months of 2020

He is already booked out with lots of work for 2021

Finance Achiever – Fiona Davidson

From credit card debt, bomb car, no job


Developing her own Business Consulting Company

No credit card debt, paid cash for her car

2021 ready to purchase her block of land and build her new home.

Longest Member – Kim Williams

Kim has changed so many areas in her life over the last 24 years

From career, relationship, finances to manifesting life itself

She knows exactly where to go when she gets stuck or life gets tough

One amazing lady who knows how and when to create change.

An inspiration to others.  I am so glad she is part of my world



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