MINDIFIT – WOW Mini Bootcamps



Sunday 28th February – Burleigh


This is the year of all years to manifest and attract what you want in your life.


Each month I will run  mini bootcamps to Success for you and your business goals.

This month we will work on walking, words and water.

The power of intention.  How to pay attention to your intention.

I will also go through the energies and how to be in perfect energy alignment for March.

March is a major month of harvesting and collecting from all the work you have put into the year so far.

It will be a fun morning so be ready for fun and serious at the same time.

Be ready to shift the mind into just plodding along to major manifesting and getting on track.

Are you ready to join me?

Places are limited so I can give you individual attention to make sure you are manifesting.


28th February

8.00am Meet Burleigh Life Saving Club

Walk – Water – Words

The Power of the Mind in Manifesting and Attracting what you want.

Meet 8.00am

  • Pure Intention – to your goals
  • Working with words and the mind
  • Working with Water, words and the mind
  • How to read messages for yourself and others
  • The power of intention
  • The power of conscious choice living


Sunda 28th February 8.00am

Meet at the Burleigh Surf Club

Step One

Pure Intention to your Goals – Business or Personal

Your Access Codes for Feb and March

Are you in perfect energy alignment

Step Two

Words to match your goals

Step Three

Walking with Words 

Step Four

Water, Walking and Words

Step Five

Opening the Sacral Chakra

The Chakra of Choice and prosperity

The Sweet Spot in Business
The Sweet Spot in Business

This is an awesome morning mini bootcamp to Success

Join me –  I know I can help you remove the blocks to your goals.

Cost:  $95.00

  • Your Personal Access Codes for Feb and March
  • How to set Pure Intention to your goals
  • Words that match your goals
  • How to work with water, words and intentions

Successes from 2020 Bootcamps & Membership

Top Achiever – Renata Cruze

Weight loss to size 8

Totally turned her Tile Business to #1 for DIY & Tradies

Sold her home – 1st inspection top $$$

Bought the home of her dreams

New Kid on the Block – Neil Bailey

Neil’s goals to quit his full time job

Start his own renovation and Design Company

All this he did during Covid and within 12 months of 2020

He is already booked out with lots of work for 2021

Finance Achiever – Fiona Davidson

From credit card debt, bomb car, no job


Developing her own Business Consulting Company

No credit card debt, paid cash for her car

2021 ready to purchase her block of land and build her new home.

Longest Member – Kim Williams

Kim has changed so many areas in her life over the last 24 years

From career, relationship, finances to manifesting life itself

She knows exactly where to go when she gets stuck or life gets tough

One amazing lady who knows how and when to create change.

An inspiration to others.  I am so glad she is part of my world



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