Every House has a number.  Depending on the number will be what energy you attract to your home and family

I loved working with this client to help them change the energy they were attracting in their life and in the home.

The home always felt rushed and never felt at peace.  After only two hours the house had a totally different feel.  We didn’t need to go and buy anything – everything was in the home.  The home went from a feeling of lack of to an energy of abundance and peace.

The energy of 29.  

The energy of the mailbox and where the energy for your home starts.

What you see across the street from your home is how the outside worlds sees you.

From when you stand at the mailbox and look to the other side of the road represents how you view yourself in the outside world.


Money plants are great at the front door to attract wealth into your home – Just make sure that you are not in conflict about being entitled or deserving to have the money you wish to attract.

You can tell when someone is in conflict they will put money plants with non-money representation such as a Tibetan Buddha which is about not attachment.  A Tibetan Buddha brings spirituality to your home and to your life.  A money Buddha is the Chinese laughing Buddha.  You will find placing the money plant with the Chinese Laughing Buddha a great way to attract wealth to your home and into your life.

Reading a home from the Bagua Map.  

The importance of what you see when you first open the front door.

This area is the career path.  When you make changes in this area you are making changes

in what you want to attract in your career.

Change in life can happen as quick as 1,2,3

The change starts once the mind decides to create the change

You then need to take action.  Working on your home is a super place to start.