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PVC Pipe

Where Can You Take It To?


Dates:  30th June, 2024

Online:   Join anywhere in Australia

Time:  5.00pm

We will also have a workshop at Emerald Lakes at 1.00pm for those who want to be in person.

Imagination – Creation

Imagination – Creation – Entrepreneur School with Chris Brazel

What can I do and What Can I Make?
Can I sell what I have imagined – Designed and Produced?
The Chris Brazel Entrepreneur School for Kids
I will kick off with a live meeting by Zoom or you can join my session at Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast
I will give you an item to work with
You  have a week to come up with an idea
You have 2 weeks to produce an idea to the actual product
You then  have 3 weeks to see if they can make money from your idea
The Chris Brazel Entrepreneur School Runs for 6 weeks.
During the Sales time you are also welcome to include the Henry C books etc to boost your sales – totally optional

Next School

PVC Pipe

One piece or two pieces – You have the choice.

What can you make out of a piece of PVC Pipe?

How far can you take your design?

Can you sell what you have designed?

Can you make a profit?


The School Goes for Six Weeks

Week One



You can work with one or 2 lengths of pipe

The length has to be no more then 1.5 metres of each pipe

Your pipe can be up to 6 inches round or any smaller size

House Rules

Age Limit 8 years to 13 years inclusive


Use your imagination.

Where can you take a piece of PVC pipe?


The idea must be yours but you can have a parent help you with production.

Safety is the key to production.  Always check with your parents what you can do in the production of your product.  

What Can You Spend?

You have $25.00 to Spend.

You can spend your $25 either on paint or items you need to produce your product.

You need to keep your receipts to show your expenses.


Extra Items

You may need extra items to create your product.

You can find items to use either from around the house. Nature, anywhere the item is free and it does not cost you any money.  You need proof of where you got the extra items you have used from.

Parents Supervision

You must always check with your parents in the production of your design.

Safetly is one of our top priorities.

Get your parents to take pictures along the way and let them be part of your journey.  You never know you may open up their imagination at the same time.


Lift Up Another

If another member in the group has not been able to produce their product you can upscale and employee them to work on your team to create more sales.


Winners and Judges – We have 2 Adults and One Mystery Judge

Design – Production


Design Winners will be decided by votes.

20 Votes by Chris Brazel and Sharon Sippel and our Mystery Judge.

The design winner is the one with the most votes for the design and production.

Sales Winners

Sale winners will be totally by the amount of product that has been sold.

Money in the bank.

Be on Time

Deadlines are in place.  Each deadline is 5.oopm Sunday.  Nothing submitted after 5.00pm will be in the running for any prizes.

Motivation Winner

This section is judged by your participation, production, design and innvocation.

Often when you first start a new project it can be a bit scary.  The movtivation Winner is someone we would like to motivate to keep going and celebrate giving the ideas of being an Entrepreneur a go.


Age Sections

The age sections will be 2 groups:

8yrs 9yrs 10yrs – one section

11 yrs 12yrs 13yrs – second section

Boys and girls will all be judged the same

Certificates and Prizes

Everyone will receive a participation certificate.

Winners will receive a trophy and Award Certificate.

The Cost

Cost: $95

More then one child in the family you simply add $10.00 per extra child.

What do they receive:  

Introduction either in person or online.  Membership and links to videos to teach them about design, production and business.

They will receive links to video lessons over the 6 weeks to help them through the process.

They also have available through their parents an email connection with Chris Brazel to discuss any problems they may find along the way.  They are also welcome to book a call.

Over the 6 Weeks

Over the six weeks of the school.  Chris Brazel will interview individuals who can inspire you and help you with your design.

Each week there will be videos to help you with information on running a business, building a business and marketing a business.

The aim of the school is to help you be innovative, creative, hands on production through to sales.

Every aspect of business including your business plan.  Costs, sales and profit.

Everything you need to win in business.

Have Fun with Imagination – Creation

Children are our future.  They have great imagination.  When we can help them harvest their imagination, be innovative, be creative they become a confident person who learns to manage their mind and their life.

Everything is Possible

Everything is Possible in my world.  Help your child to believe that everything is possible in their world.

Imagination – Creation

Books to Inspire You or Your Children

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