50 Days out – So Exciting –  

Join the Team and be coached in a super amazing way how easy it is to win in life.

So, the magic of today for the team.

Yesterday I worked with one team member who had set their goal for their website business to attracting one client a week.

Who says you have to spend heaps on advertising – with “Everything is Possible” the magic happens in the places where you least expect it.  This morning, he was driving to an appointment.  As he was driving along a car in the lane beside him attracts his attention.  On the car was the signage that the driver had a business which takes photos etc and turns into digital.  What did our member want to do – exactly that.  They both come to a red light.  The digital guy has his window down.  Our Team member puts down his window and says hello.  The digital guy gets out of his car and hands our team member his card to get in touch.  Next comment our team member asks if he has a website.  The guy says no.  Our Team member then advises him that he builds websites, and they should have a catch up.  How easy was finding a client at a stop light along with the magic of finding someone to do a job you were wanting to have done.

Next magic.  I called our $10 Million Dollar man to work on our youth programmes then headed to feed the horses.  About 5 km from the horses there is a long line of cars.  I get out and walk down to see the problem.  There were two guys standing and chatting at their Utes.  I asked them what was happening they said a lady had an accident and they were waiting for the road to clear.  Within minutes we got chatting some how got onto numerology and numbers.  Who would have thought both tradie type guys are totally into the numbers thing.  Even better we chat further one of the guys is connected to youth programmes.  More chatting while waiting for the road to clear and he is ready for new programmes into youth camps.  What was my conversation with Mr Harmon about “Youth Camps.”  Exchange of numbers and arrangement for a meeting next week.  Just as we finished the road opened and I moved to feed the horses.

I could have stayed in my car – my gut said get out and go and see what is happening which I did.  The second guy – guess what he did – videos and digital.  He was off to the races to video the fields for the day.  What did the Youth Guy need?  A new website.

This was just day one of our awesome 50 Days to Magic where ‘Everything is Possible 100 km Event.”

The team and I took ownership today of what we want in 50 Days’ time.  We worked as a team to back each other.

Step one in any goals you have to own the goal.

When you own the goal there are no stories, excuses, victim energy you simply get on with the job.

Watch for Day 49 events and word.  For short tips follow on Facebook or Instagram.

Chris Brazel