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100km Ultra Marathon 

Gold Coast


Dates:  20th & 21st July

Location:   Broadbeach

Kick off: 12 Noon

10 Sections of 10 Achievers to Inspire You


Don’t sit on the bench when you can be creating an amazing abundant life and business.

You are welcome to come a walk with us on the day.

We kick off at 12 noon and will continue overnight until the walk is finished – 100km

You can do as much as you like.

You will walk behind us or on occasions there is space in the middle of Paul and myself where you can come and chat.

Join us for Breakfast after the Walk

Join us for breakfast after the walk and celebrate.

Venue will be Kurrawa Surf Club – Broadbeach.

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Learn the Power of Walking

Easy Ways to Win in Life

Walking I believe is one of the most powerful ways to win with the mind.  When you win with the mind there is nothing you cannot achieve.  Walking brings you to the present moment.  It teaches you to be patient, take one step at a time.  There is no need to rush.  You are out in nature.  When you walk and talk you are constantly moving so you do not feel you are stuck in the same emotion.  You will always come up with a solution after the walk.  If not immediately it will come later that day or over the week.

Walk With Me

Podcasts to Walk To

House Walking Rules


No black or very very little.

You are out to win in life.

Good Shoes

Shoes are so important when walking.  Always look after your feet and your feet will look after you.

Hats & Skin Protection

The sun can be your best friend – it can also on occasions be an enemy.

Care is the name of the game.


Always remember your water.  Coloured water bottles the best.

We can help you write your affirmation on your bottle.

Know Your Goals

Know what you want to win at.  It could be a new job, a new relationship.  Sell your home or purchase your new home.  When you know you can manifest.

Be on Time

Be on time otherwise we will start without you.  Being on time is simply a sign of respect for yourself and others.

Meet Chris Brazel

The most powerful Ultra Mind Coach you will find.  Chris Brazel starts with your Brain Codes a coding system that no other coach can do.  Within minutes she will tell you everything about you, your life, how you think the way you do.  She will work out your Matrix and show you right through to the time and day your meeting has taken place how everything lines up.  It is rather scary sometimes to see the dots join in such an amazing way.  Be ready when you met Chris Brazel to embrace the changes that she can help you with in your life and in your business.  When you work with Chris Brazel you step into the unique person you are where there is no competition you step into success and the wealth that you deserve to have while on earth.

One Conversation Can Open Doors For You

One simple conversation of 15 minutes can remove blocks which have been there for year.  there can be a light bulb moment where the answers and solutions come so clear.

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"When I work with Chris Brazel I know change is on the way. I know that a door will open. It always does. Even better I always get results."

Karrie House

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Chris Brazel

The Ultra Mind Coach

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Chris Brazel