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Everything is Possible

Ultra Marathon

A 100km Walk

To inspire, motivate and show you how everything is possible the moment you choose it to be possible.

Let 10 of my clients show you how they achieved what most thought would be impossible

The $10 Million Man

Meet the man who manifested $10 in one year easily.  Just followed the recipe I gave him.

4 Months to Live from Cancer it is now 5 years.

Meet Chris Tee who was given 4 months to live.  She is now 5 years and going great.

Addictions – Drugs to Love

Meet Kelly whose life was not great – her addiction to drugs was huge.  Now no drugs a complete turn around in her life.  She is ready to inspire others.

Lettuce Sandwiches and $20 a week to now paid cash for a $2.3 million home

Meet Cindy McGrath surviving on $20 a week with most meals a lettuce sandwich.  In January this year she paid cash – all cash for a $2.3 million home.

No Money No Worries

Connect to the story of Luke who needed $30,000 to build his cafe.  This he achieved within 48 hours – no banks and no credit cards.

Ideas to Reality – Business Winners

Meet an amazing group of people who have turned an idea into reality and now part of an amazing business empire.

Red Flags to Winners

Meet the young man who turned red flags into winners.

Age – Performance-Winners

Who said you had to retire.  Meet a great group of inspiring people who have decided to take up a business in their lates years and become winners of their lives.

The Voice – Stepping into Your Gifts & Talents

Meet Anna Harmon who found her voice and stepped into her amazing gifts and talents in designing homes.

The Children our Next Generation

Come and meet the children who will be our leaders for the future.  Young people really having a go in life.


Walking is one the most powerful game changers for your mind and your body.

Walk with water and words and you will be amazed how your can turn your life around through such a simple way of work mind, body and environment at the same time.

Come and join in one of my events or walking groups and see how easy change can happen.


You may like to be part of my team and create your own business working with me in your area.  If this appeals get in touch today.


The Walk Details


20th July, 2024 – Kick off at 3.00pm not stop until the 100k is completed.

Each 10 km one of our starts will take part in the 10 km loop.

They will then be at Burleigh for you to ask any questions and to be inspired by their journey.

Programmes and Courses to Help You be a Winner  and Achieve Your Goals

Check out some of my amazing programmes that can help you achieve your goals.

Always remember everything is possible the moment you choose it to be possible.

Simple decisions take you a long way in life.  Conscious choices each day pave the way.

What you see on a daily basis the what the mind creates in your life.

Juice Move and Groove

A great 27 Day Detox Programme for the mind, body and environment.

So easy to do with awesome results.

Brain & Ball Training

A great programme for children and family.  Excellent for all ages to pull yourself out of a panic attack.

InSync Equine Training

The horse is the most amazing animal to heal, unblock and make changes for you in your life.


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