It is always great to move into a new year.

You feel motivated, inspired and ready to start laying plans for your goals, dreams and desires.

Then as the year goes on you start to lose interest in doing all the things you said you would do.  Whether it was losing weight, getting a new job, starting a business or finding your true partner and falling in love.  It could even be having a baby.

What I teach my members and those I mentor to goals and dreams is “know the Prize at the End of the race” – in fact “know the real prize at the end of the race”.  This way you stay committed, you get up each day and you stay focused.  Even if people put you off and say that you won’t make it –  you know that you are going to push through and win the prize.

When you know the real prize at the end you will commit, stay focused, confident and most of all follow through until you collect.  Make that real prize heart and soul connected and bingo there is no way you are not going to make it.  Every part of your mind and body starts to work together then the universe or I prefer to say God comes along and helps you make it right to the end.

The best story I can give you is my Dad.  He loved his golf, especially winning the prizes.  He also loved his handicap so unless the prize was great he would play off so he would not lose his handicap.  There was no way he was going full ball if the prize was not right.  The most interesting thing he was so honest about it, he talked about it even to the handicapper.  There was never a problem.  The handicapper who would sometimes play with him see him have three puts on a hole and his would immediately ask IKE “don’t want to lose any strokes today – the prize not good enough”.  Dad would just laugh.

But one day in a huge Inverell Golf Day.  He went in checked the prizes and all he could see were items that he had won before.  He had no idea that the real 1st prize was a blue sapphire ring.  He headed off with his mates, he played so well, it didn’t matter what he did the ball just went into the hole.  He came to the last hole and thought – I am going to lose at least two shots today.  So hit the ball with one almighty swing and sent it off into the woods so hence not a great score on the last hole.  They came into the club and handed in their cards and waited for prize giving.  He saw his name on the board as coming second.  He thought ok at least that prize was ok.  He just didn’t want the other prize.  I can’t remember what it was. Then the President of the Club came out and started to give out the prizes.  Just before he started he announced that the 1st prize was a beautiful blue sapphire ring which was then placed on the table.  You should have seen Dad’s face.  He loved sapphires and would have loved to give one to mum.   He would joke about that day often as would we kids.   Reminding us all the time – keep your eye on the real prize not what you think the prize is.

Our members tips, colours, energies and mentoring, coaching for the month will be ready to kick start on 5th January.  Let me know if you do not receive them.  The first three colours will really set you firing for the year.

Courses:   Numbers Empowerment and Success 13th & 14th Jan.  This will also include an extra time for goal planning for 2018.