Soul Energy Feng Shui

Soul Energy Feng Shui connects the mind, the body and your environment.

I combine colours, numerology and feng shui.  When you work with all three you can totally empower yourself and the people around you.  Soul Energy Feng Shui is not simply about placing a symbol in a corner and wishing for a result, it teaches you to look at what you are creating then you have action steps to take responsibility of your life, your goals and your dreams and you start to make conscious choices.  You can easily make the paradigm shift from old to new.

We are always a product of our environment, we create our environment subconsciously and our subconscious reflects our moods, attitude and feelings.  What we place around each day is our soul speaking to us.  It is saying what we are really thinking and feeling.

Be your own detective – check and see what your environment is really saying about you.  The simplest of changes in your environment will lead you to making changes in your life.

Feng Shui for Real Estate – Sell the easy way

The Mind plays such a major role in our life – working with Colours, Numbers and Feng Shui you step sideways out of the emotions and into the doing with action steps

Everyone has access to anything they want in life – it can be love, money, new career, happiness, new home, new car.  When you work with me I show you how to access what it is that you want.  We get to the core of the blockage, remove it with action steps then you get to collect.

Soul Energy is great for Business Home and Life




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Soul Energy Feng Shui Coaching

Coaching Programmes

All our coaching programmes combine Access Coding with numbers, colours and Feng shui.

You have the choice of quick and easy 5 days programmes right through to our 12 Total Transformation Programmes.  You can DIY through out books, CDS and Podcasts or you can join a group in your area or you can even work with Chris Brazel one on one.

Empower yourself right this minute.  You can have one session to get on track.  You can book coaching course to make sure you reach your destination in great time.  You can even start with one of my books.  I have a great selection with action steps to help you achieve your goals.

54 Days to Fall in Love – this is a brilliant book that will guide you over 54 days to love of yourself and ways to find love of a partner in your life.

Girls Raise The Bar – Its Your Time to Shine – if you feel lost and and dis-empowered then this is the book for you

Animal Energy – The Power to Change and Create – a super combination of Feng shui, colours, numbers and how to work with the energy of animals with the mind.

WOW Yes! I did It – Train Your Brain – the ultimate book to purchase – it has everything including colours, numbers and Feng Shui coaching programmes to help you get on track with your life.


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