Forget the “How” just focus on the goal

What are the colours in your bedroom?  This is the worst colour for a bedroom. It will make you feel heavy and depressed.

This month we have several key words to work with and they are:  Vision, responsibility, family, the home, heart connections, team work, business and  best of all finances.  The health area that may pop up for you this month could be either blood pressure for men or breast problems for women.  For children it will be in the area of support.  The area I am going to connect with each week this month will be the living room.  How you can make changes in the living room to create change in your life.  My first podcast this month is with Robbie who when I first met was suffering from deep depression.  We worked on the energy of letting go of the past.  Often we want to let go but we get too tired up in the emotions so when you have physical action steps in letting go the emotions pass and you move on.  After Robbie let go of his wedding boots in walked his now lovely wife, the pain in his finger also went.  The next step to help Robbie be a winner in life was to work on his career and his finances.  When I saw his bedroom and the many shades of blue I knew this was where we needed to start.  When I mentioned to Robbie that he needed to change the colour of the walls as well as the bedspread, he replied ” the house is only a rental, it comes with the job and I cannot make any change.  NOW there is where often people go wrong.  At the time you may not feel you can make changes but if you commit to your goals and you take the steps that you can take allow the GOD or the universe as some may like to look at do the rest.  The living room as mentioned is the area in the home that connects you to the outside world.  When you make changes in this room you are making changes that will affect your connection to the people around you and what you want to attract to you.  When we looked in this room as well as looked at his career path there were heaps of small changes that Robbie and his wife could make.  I listed out the changes and Robbie and his wife started to move things around.  It didn’t take that long and Robbie phone to say that due to a water pipe bursting he would  now be able to re-paint the bedroom.  From the changes in the bedroom, Robbie was soon a whole new adventure which lead to a higher position, new location and best of all working with a team that really valued his expertise in the industry.

So my message for you this week is “Forget the How” just do what you know you can do and allow God or the universe to take care of the rest for you.

Check out my YOU’VE GOT CHOICE PODCAST this week it features Robbie and his story about changing the colours in his bedroom.  click:

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