Chris Brazel

Everything is Possible when you Choose it to be possible.

Consultant, Teacher, Trainer

The Innovator and Creator of Brain Codes and Access Codes.

Chris Brazel –  Consults, teaches  and trains you on simple decisions that you can make that can change your business, life or kids quickly and easily.

Innovator and developer of Brain Codes – Chris Brazel can tell you in 5 minutes everything about your business, yourself, your family your kids to 100% accuracy.

Chris Brazel then has uniuqe systems that work with the mind, the body and environment to create the changes you want, need or desire.  You step out of the emotions and into action.

Her success portfolio is amazing from CEOs and large companies to 5 year children change has taken place.

In Sync Equine Healing and Power.

The power of working with a horse. Come train and see how easy you can also change lives.

Anything & Everything is Possible Programmes

We can help children and families have a great life.  Join one of my programmes, courses or come and train and see how you can help your child be themselves.

Join the Club 

A great way to be around great people achieving great things in their life.  A club that shares and cares.  We think outside the square and we work as a team in sharing.

Transformation Programmes & Coaching.

 I have a large selection of transformation programmes from colour therapy, soul energy feng shui to brain codes.  I know I have a course for you.

Everything is Possible – Ultra Marathon Walk

100 KM Walk – 20th & 21st July

Come and be part of a community that knows how to create anything and everything they want in life or business.

Best Selling Author

Chris Brazel has written over 23 Self Help Books for adults, children and families.  She has a large collection of prints for the home along with products you can use on a daily basis to train your brain.




Anything is Possible – Trainer – Coach

Do what I do and have the best days ever changing lives.

Helping people train their brain to what they want and away from what is happening in their life.

I help you find your core gifts and talents then we work as a team to create an amazing business for you.  It can be in Equine therapy, colour therapy, Soul Energy Feng Shui, Real Estate the Easy Way, it can be with Bounce2 Kids programmes.  I have a programme which is perfect for you.  Come join the team and together we can make a massive difference in the world.


Join me every Monday live at 7.30pm for one hour to get your mind fit to where you want to go and to what you want to achieve.

The sessions are recorded so you can join live or you can listen to the recording next day.

You have the option of just buying per session – monthly or join for the year.

When you join for the year you also receive the 2024 Journal which gives you tips on colours, energies of the month, rooms to work with, number energy, brain codes, meditations and lots more.

The Academy of Energy – MBE Coaching

The Energy Connection of Mind Body and Enivronment 

What the mind thinks the body feels and your enviornment reflects.  Working with your physical environment you can step out of the emotion and into action.  You can see physically what you are creating in your life.  The very best thing is that you can make a conscious choice and take action.  Action empowers.  Talking and talking over the same situation keeps you in the pain and the past.

We have access to everything we want in life no matter what it is:  Love, wealth, abundance, health, a partner, business success or even having children.  The only person who blocks the access to what you want is you.  So when you make a clear decision on what you want, you take action and follow the action steps that connect to your brain codes and take action you will always win.  Not only win but receive at the same time.

Brain Codes

The Matrix


Learn your unique brain codes.  Learn how everything you do in life connects to the universal system.

We think we are not connected – when in fact every person you meet, every situation you go through has already been put into place – it is only a matter of time and the dots connect and you meet the people you are meant to meet.  You walk the path and complete the journey of your life.

Everyone has their own unique brain codes.  From your brain codes you can map out and know who you are, how to make changes in your life.  How to get on track in the most perfect easy powerful way.

Know your numbers and you know everything in life.


Access Coding – Brain Codes and MBE  Training

You have a selection of systems that are proven with great results that you can work with and train with me.

  • Brain Codes – Access Codes
  • Home = YOU – the most amazing colour therapy system with great results
  • Colour Therapy – how to work with colour and train your brain working at the same time with your home environment.
  • Creativity with Colour Therapy and the home.
  • Brain Body Breath is excellent to work with on a daily basis in your own time at your own pace.
  • In Sync Equine Healing and Power
  • Paddle Boarding come and learn the basic then you can work by yourself or join me each month with new ways to work.
  • Walking – Steps – You can come and learn the basics then work by yourself.  You may like to be a leader in your area.
  • ART – a powerful and creative way to train your brain, come to peace and open the doors to your soul and who you want to be.

Courses -Camps – Retreat

Check out our Courses – Camps – Retreats for adults and Young People.

January 2024 we host the kick off for the year.  Dates:  20th & 21st January – Canungra & Gold Coast.

January 2024 – Kids Entrepreneur Camps 6th – 10th 

Online 2024 Course to connect to the year ahead.

Bounce 2 YOU Choose School Programmes

I have an amazing programme for young people from 6 years – 15years working with a coloured ball.  It is a different version of handball which is not only working with the hands and the ball – we add working with colour, movement with the different hands to different position with the ball.  To the ground, to the wall, to a beam, from one hand to another best of all the ball to music and beat.

Join the Club in 2024

Learn Easy Ways each Month to train your brain to Win, Harvest and Collect

You have the choice of the 2024 Feng Shui, Colour, Numbers and Energy Tips which is $69.

Or join my club and my online coaching group that will guide you through the year with monthly tips, meditations, art therapy, colour therapy and working with oils, words and your environment.  You can either attend live or you can watch the recording.




In Sync Equine Healing

Working with the horse to Empower and Change Lives.

Two minds connecting and talking

The horse is a powerful psychic animal who can tap into the blocks you have within.

Working with In Sync Equine Healing you come to the present moment.  You can feel the power of the horse.  The horse knows what you are thinking and feeling.

You can work in person, you can work by distance or you can come and train and learn how to run your own Equine Healing business.












Chris Brazel