I’m Chris Brazel

Welcome to my World the world of the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.  The power of numbers and codes.

Everything is possible when you choose it to be possible

International Best Selling Author of several books.  Chris Brazel a powerful speaker and trainer that is constantly changing businesses, lives and children around daily.

Access Codes

Access Codes are a powerful way to work with you and your numbers.  I kicked off with numerology 20 years ago then realised there is amazing Brain – Mind – link to all you do in life.  Numbers allow you to join the dots of life -to take control and to win.


Your environment is a total reflection of what sit in your subconscious.  What you are thinking and feeling about life. When you change soemthing in your enviornment you change an energy in your life.

Ideas 2 Reality

It is easy to have an idea, to have a passion, to have assets, knowledge and wisdom.  What I find and I love to help people with is how to take that idea, asset, passion, knowledge or wisdom and turn it into reality with a profit, win and freedom of success.  

Whether it be a book I have written, a programme I designed or a piece of artwork or something creative I can always see the pathway to kick off from idea and concept to finished products with sales and money in the bank with great profits.  There is absolutly no point being in business and losing money.

Ideas in Reality

Once we have your idea, passion or creativity grounded, branded and ready for the world I will work with you to ensure that you collect the rewards, results and wins you want.

With out new Ideas in Reality team we can help you match to the right people for your training and experience.  Sometimes we need to go into the idea or passion to get the feel.  

Environments & Minds

Design, colours, placement of furniture, art work on the walls, your front door, the plants both inside and outside all play a role in your life.  They dictate the way you will feel about life.  What you invite into your life.  Brilliant ways to work with your mind when stuck in depression, anxiety, fear of the future, stuck in a career you don’t want to be in.  The moment you make even the smallest change in your environment you make a change in your life.

Environments & Minds

From the number – address of your home, to the colours, layout, furniture, artwork, doors, windows and placement – every single energy will have an energy affect to your mind.  How you think, what you are feeling and how you are dealing with life.

Your home is a brain/mind space.

When you make changes in your home you make changes in your life.

You step out of the emotions and into the action of seeing, being and doing.

Area you can explore:

  • What is the energy of my home?
  • Where will the energy be trapped in my home?
  • What room in the home connects to my mind?
  • I am selling my home what are the tips?
  • I am buying my new home what do I need to look for?

Don’t take your home for granted – your home is a total representation of you.

A unique and powerful proven system teaching and coaching for young people, parents and families.   The world is constantly changing we need to make changes and move with the times.  Bounce 2 connects you to the present with conscious choices on a daily basis.  It teaches you how to be in the present moment so you can connect, accept, move, take action and step back into your power.

It teaches you to know you and to know the members of your family.  When you know and understand each other the world becomes a different place to live.


Are you ready to take an idea and turn it into a profit?  Sick of not making money in your business and want to unlock your full potential and move to the top of your profession or top supplier of your product.


Bounce 2 can help you find direction when lost.  Understand why you are thinking the way you do.  Find answers and solutions to move forward in life.  You can kick off with one consult, you can join a challenge, or experiment or you can join a coaching group.


You can train your mind in many and wonderful ways.  MINDFIT is a great way to kick off to start to train your brain to what you want- not what you tend to just fall into.

A great way to teach to step out of emotions and into doing.  Great for children, adults and groups.  

Become a Bounce 2 Trainer

If you would like to learn my Bounce 2 Training systems call or email.

You can work with us and create an amazing business which is powerful in helping individuals, children and families in the world today.

Access Coding?
Access Coaching?

Everyone has access to what they want and desire in life.  We simply stop ourselves from having and achieving what we want.  Often we are the problem.  We create stories instead of creating solutions.  Access Coding teach you how your think and how your brain works. It then shows you how to create changes in your life the easy way.  You start to go with the flow and stop the resistance. You move into total energy alignment.

You start to drive the car to where you want to go in life or in business.



The School of Energy

Everything you need to know about Energy.

Come join The School of Energy where I get to teach you all the knowledge and wisdom I have gained over the years.

Energy is in our life every single minute of the day.  When you know how to work with energy, you know the power of energy, you can start to make conscious choices each day to train your brain to what you want.

Making conscious choices on a daily basis that links to an energy and a purpose you totally move into the Power of a lifetime.

You start to turn the lights on each day and you know where you want to go.

Clarity to the max.

Power to the max

Walk with Me – The Ultimate way to  Brain Power

Walking has been scienticically proven to have amazing health benefits. Being out in nature your mind comes to peace.  You can conquer and create anything when you are at peace.

You can join one of my Brain Training walk courses, join my club for weekly meetings,  monthly walking challenges and coaching.

You may like to set a goal for the year and join in my 2022 Walking Challenge.  2022 is the 54 km Finchley Track.  A super mountain to walk and conquer.  This is a full weekend where I know your life will change.

Each month there are long distance training walks that you can join in.

If you don’t live in any of the areas where I walk – organise for me to come to your town and kick off a group.  Or you can join me anytime on my walking app.  Email or call to find out more.

About Me

International Coach and Author with several Best Seller.

Number #1 Brain Trainer  in Transformations, Coaching Programmes and Designs in business, home, life and kids.

Chris Brazel’s brain training, coding and coaching systems are unique and powerful with results.

Chris Brazel teaches the energy connection of the mind, body and environment.  The most powerful reader of energy codes and semiotics in marketing and business.

She is the innovator and creator of Your Mind Code, Access Codes and Wealth and Success Codes.

Access Coding and Mind Codes are the most powerful tools to work with when you want to create change or transform from the old to the new. 

Everything in your life starts with a seed of thought. 

She teaches you how to read your mind, take action and manifest, attract and move into perfect alignment the easy way.


Success Stories

Online Coaching Resources

2022 Planner For Success

Be guided each month on how to work with the energy of the month, colours, affirmations, the area in the home, the animal of the month.  A brilliant way to train your brain to be in perfect energy alignment to your goals.

Podcasts to Inspire & Motivate

I have a great selection of podcasts to listen to which will inspire you, motivate you and give you tips to move forward and make the changes you know you need to make.

You have a choice of free podcasts or you can go one step further and purchase my brilliant educational podcasts.  Learn on th move.

Podcasts are a great way to listen while you walk.  Walking with words and information is a super way to train your brain.

When you become a member of my Club you get to create changes in your life as you walk and listen.

Walk with Me

Walking is one of the most powerful ways to train your brain to a great life.  Super way to beat depression, anxiety, health issues, money issues.

When you walk in nature you set yourself free to walk to where you want to be.

When you walk with water and words and a purpose you totally move your mind into perfect energy alignment.

Join my club we walk we talk we work with words.  We take action to where we want to go.  No stories or excuses simple movement to the new.

Everything about your home environment is a reflection of you, your mood, your attitude and your feelings.   When you make changes in your home environment you start to make changes in your life.


Come Join My World

You Will Feel Amazing

Chris Brazel