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Powerful trainer who teaches and trains you how to transform your life, your business and kids.

Chris Brazel is a powerful Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author who innovates creates, designs, develops and then trains and teaches her systems, transformational programmes and courses.

The Innovator and Developer of Brain Codes – So Unique and Accurate it will blow your mind when Chris Brazel reads your mind.  Best of all she then will give you the tips and action steps to create the changes you want.

The Creator and Trainer of Soul Energy Feng Shui – The Power of the connection of the Mind, Body and Environment.

CEO of Sunshine Lollipop Magazine, Events and Camps.


What Do You Need to Change or Transform?

I believe totally the moment you make a conscious decision to make changes in your life from where you are to where you want to go it will happen provided you then start to take action.  When you take action with conscious choices with a purpose you will create the domino effect to the changes you want.

The mind is a powerful machine which drives you – the body is what moves you from point A – Point B.  Your environment is a reflection of your mind, your attitude and your feelings so when you then step into moving items around your home, your office right through to the colours and clothes you wear you will transform you will have the change you need and desire.

Know Your Brain – Brain Codes

Over the years I have been fascinated by numbers.  We use numbers every single day in some way.  People simply don’t connect the dots of numbers and their life.  The numbers that connect to their brain, their mind, their environment.  You can literally dot point a person to their brain codes to what they are attracting in their life or business.  You can understand within minutes why they are feeling the way they are.  What they will naturally attract in health or in wealth.  You know exactly how their mind works.  When you know how a mind works you then know the perfect action steps to help that person have the ultimate life that they want to have.


 Your Environment – Brain Spaces

Your home enviornment is a total reflection of you.  I call the different areas in your environment brain spaces.  Over the past 27 years I have developed Soul Energy Feng Shui the most amazing and accurate way to read your mind to what is happening in your life.

When you make changes in your environment you start to make changes in your life.  Colours in your environment, placement of furniture, pictures you have on the wall, statues and symbols – all reflect what and how you are feeling or have felt about your life.

Once you gain insight to what the items reflect in the area of your home, you make a conscious choice that is not how you want to feel – you move the item or change the item that does not represent you change will happen in your life.  You have started the domino effect to the life you want.




Being In Sync – Life Becomes Easy

People come to me when they are ready for change either in their business or life.  I listen first to their story,  I then work out brain codes, then we get on with an action plan to win even if the odds say it is not possible.  I believe anything and everything is possible the moment you choose it to be.

Life changes when you take action.  You may need to move into a new career. Sell your home, take an idea to reality.  The kids are a problem and you cannot sort them out.

The moment you are ready for change is the time when I am ready to give you the answers, solutions and action steps for the changes you need to make in your life or in your business.

I just love helping you to create the changes in your life or business so you are In Sync.  When you are In Sync life is easy.  Life flows, money flows.  What ever you want, need or desire is easily manifested.


MBE Coaching Systems

The Energy Connection of the Mind, Body and Environment.

Chris Brazel has developed one of the most powerful and intriguing systems that connect to the mind of the person, to their body and their health then to their enviornment.

One of the fastest growing health, wellbeing and success systems in the world.  How to code a brain then to give the action steps to step out of the emotions and into action steps to create changes in business, home or life.

Chris Brazel has taken over the past 23 years the science of number, her own Soul Energy Feng Shui System combining eastern and western philosophies then add the power of colour.

The power of my unique systems are that you can see right in front of you what you are creating in your mind.  When you can see what are creating you then have the power to create the changes.

Chris Brazel has been consulting, teaching and coaching for over 23 years.  From CEOs of large companies to children who are struggling.  In Chris Brazel’s head if you have a brain then I can work with you to help you achieve your goals and win in life.

The power of reading the mind, the body and the environment is amazing.  You cannot argue with a number you cannot argue with what you see right in front of you.  When you can see the emotions you are creating in life it is then easy to take the action steps for change.  It is a simple decision.

The School of Energy

  • Numbers – Brain Codes
  • Soul Energy Feng Shui
  • The Power of Colour and Colour Combination to conquer and create amazing energy flows.


Be Part of My World – Join My Community

The most unique coaching and mentoring systems in the world.  A system where you always get results.  You cannot move forward in life by just talking.  MBE teaches you how to take action.  How to step out of the emotions and into the doing.  You step into your personal power in ways you never thought you could.


It changed my life


My Whole Family Changed


You Never think the same way again


I never miss a January Bootcamp


I did the Coloured Undies TM Walk




We did it as a team


I totally turned my business around


From a chef to a business owner was brilliant

Numbers Training

Unreal when you know how it works

Bootcamps – Events – Courses

Come and join in one of our amazing bootcamps.  You can even book a school group.  The bootcamps, courses and events are fun, powerful, always full of laughter and excitment.

Sunshine Lollipops Events and Camps

This an awesome way for kids to be kids, meet their brain, understand that they are unique and do not need to try to be anyone or anything else then themselves.

Great for parents to learn about their son or daughter or a great way for grand-parents to connect with their grand children.

Mindfit Mondays

Reset your mind every Monday online.  Go live with Chris Brazel and learn everything you can about energy.  Learn how to work with the colour of the month.  How to work with your home environment to make changes.  Check into the challenges to help you stay on track to your goals for the year.

What the Month will bring

  • The energy of the month
  • Colours to work with
  • Oils to work with
  • Animal to work with
  • Crystals to work with


  • Learn new ways to meditate
  • Learn mind and the breath
  • Visualisation
  • Paper & Water Meditations
  • New Meditations each month

Challenges if you Choose

  • Walking Challenge
  • Juice Move and Groove Challenge
  • Ribbon Challenge

    Cupboard Challenge

  • Colour Challenges

Transform to Your True Purpose

Everyone is unique and has a purpose with gifts to be here on earth.  When you connect to your purpose, your gifts, your talents that match to your brain code everything falls into place and you move to a great life.

I first met Nathan Cooper when he cooked lunch for me at a country Cafe.  The meal was unreal.  When he came out to check I asked him a couple of questions. From there he allowed me to code his brain.  He was blown away by the accuracy.  We made a time to meet and now Natahn Cooper runs his own business, cooking and teaching how to cook real food that tastes amazing.

Gavin Matthews

Gavin Matthews kicked off first using ART to calm his mind and to help with PTSD.

After meeting with Gavin and hearing his storry and his seeing his ART I was able to build his ART business.  I published a book detailing his journey along with tips to create a better mind.  Check out my book on Gavin’s journey and his art.


Be Inspired by Others

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