How do you start the morning?

The mind starts very early in the day then comes the body movement and then what you automatically attract through the subconscious.

The magic of your day starts with your very first thoughts.

Do you allow yourself to start with a thought or do you just dive into the day?

This morning being in Sydney and visiting the grandchildren I realised for some parents to focus those first thoughts can be hard.  Mila decided that it would be fabulous to sleep in Nan’s bed last night.  Koa is always the first awake at around 5.30am.  So to get my first thoughts working I need to listen and to be ready.  Koa will usually start a little whimpering then you hear the foot steps.  You know he is on the way so start thinking and start thinking fast – he is on the way.  Amazing when you know you have to be rushed into thinking it is not that easy but you can do it. I know you can.

So I heard the footsteps this morning and thought now if I do not stir Mila will not know I am awake and I am sure I will get at least 2 minutes before we are all on the go.  So where did the mind go – well first – “Thanks God for another amazing day, I bless this day, I thank you and I look with love and wonder to the day”.  My mind was about to work a little longer but oh, no door was opened Koa made it in record time. Immediately woke Mila up and the day was under way.  My heart goes out to the young parents of today.  I only have these rush mornings when in Sydney they have them every day.

Tomorrow I will be back at the farm so a little more time.

The important thing is that I did get to start with my thoughts and that is what matters.

Now the next step is if you have a chance get out of bed and go for a walk or run, you will be amazed how much more energy you can create with the mind through the body.  My podcast this week.  Enjoy

If you find the morning really hard then work with your thoughts the night before.  You are in bed, you are trying to go to sleep so you have the time to give the mind a little prep for the following day.  Where there is a will there is always a way.

I thought for this week we would put out a little challenge for the thought for the morning.

The Challenge – simply make a point that before you get out of bed you have a thank you thought for the day.  You bless the day and invite love and wonder into your day.  Can you make a whole week?  I will set up each morning on face book where you can acknowledge the challenge to keep you on track.  It is so amazing when you have someone to answer to you get more into the flow.

Remember life is about choices.  The simplest of choices each day can take your forward, sideways or backwards totally up to you.

Have an amazing week.

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