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Chris Brazel

I have been involved in business since a very early age.  I have always had the ability to see an idea all the way through to the money in the bank.  It is something that comes natural.  My early businesses were always successful the moment I started to code the mind of a CEO or business code to their brand, colours and semiotics was when I totally turned companies around.  My passion was explosive I could never wait until the next business to create a success story.

Know Your Business Codes

Know The Semiotics of Your Brand

Know Your Codes that Connect to Success and Money

Know the Dynamics of Your Team

Make it Happen

Join me for a powerful one day workshop followed by a 27 Day Turn around for you, your life and your business.

There is absolutely no point in being in business if you are only struggling, trying to make ends meet and never getting the success you desire.

Know if your brain codes actually match your business.

Know the semiotics of your business, website and business card.

You do not need to pay large amounts for advertising and marketing.  Learn the magnet in business and attract what you want the easy way.


If Nathan of 1 Tomato can do it so can you.

Date:    Sunday – 28th May

Time:     9.30am – 4.00pm

Venue :  Grassroots Health Centre 31 Kidston St, Canungra

What do we cover:

The Day


Brain Codes – What are they and how to work with them

Brain Codes – to link to your business

How to work with the mind, body and environment to maximise your full potential

How to step out of the emotions and into the power of being and doing.  Action always speaks louder then words.

Semiotics in Business

Your Logo

Your Brand

What to look for in website designs to be the magnet

The 27 Day Business Connection and Turn around Programme

After the day you will leave with the Business Connection and Turn around programme where you will work with the mind, the body and environment to open new doors to success.


Cost:  $595.00



Have a Success Business

Be Inspired by Others

If they can then you can

Come and Join my World it is



Chris Brazel