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When You are In Sync – Life is Easy 

It Just flows with everything you want, need or desire.

Know Your Brain Code

Over the past 27 years I have taken the science of numbers to a powerful level that you will be blown away by.  The accuracy that you can work with a person’s brain code then join the dots to what is happening in their life is amazing.

The power comes when you can see the individuals brain code, you know what is happening or not happening in their life.  It is like you can read their mind.  You step out of the emotions and everything that is happening in their life can be seen in their environment.  That is what makes it so powerful – you are no longer just talking and trying to connect.  What is happening in the life of the person and in the person’s mind is right in front of them in their enviornment.  It shows in the words they use, the clothes they wear, the shoes they wear right through to how they place their shoes in what room after their long day.

The awesome part of brain codes and In Sync reading and brain training is the ability to take action with conscious choices with a purpose.  You get to the core of the problem and you fix it.

You can read and connect to the soul and the subconscious of the individual.


Soul Energy Feng Shui

The Energy Connection of the Mind, Body and Environment.

You are a product of your environment.  You create your environment subsconsciously and your environment is a reflection of your moods, attitude and feeling.  Your environment is a total reflection of you and what you are thinking and feeling about life.

The way to read your environment is through the unique Soul Energy Feng Shui system that I have developed over the past 27 years.  A system which is so easy to follow and use.  Best of all are the changes you get quickly by movment and placement in your environment.  It is like magic just starts to happen.

Soul Energy Feng Shui is a combination of both eastern and western feng shui then the brain codes of the individual are addes.

When you know your personal brain codes you know exactly what room to go to see how you have set up that room in relation to what you are thinking and feeling about life.

You know what colours to work with.  You know what part of the room you need to work on.  For eample a person with a natural brain code of four the walls will be important.  What art work or colours are placed on the wall will affect the way they are thinking and feeling about life.

Working with Soul Energy Feng. Shui is easy.  You will love the way you can move items around, change colours and within hours see a little magic start to happen with your mind and in your life.

You move into conscious choices with a purpose.  You are in the present moment connecting to your soul and what you want need or desire.

Everyone has access to everything and anything they want.  The person who blocks that access is you so it is you that can change your whole life around to the best.

Colour & the Brain


So powerful and so easy to work with both personally and in your environment.

When you make a conscious choice of the colours you wear or have in your enviornment, you are making a conscious choices which is powerful with a purpose to what you want to have in your life.  You step into massive personal power.

Years ago I wrote Coloured Undies TM Change the Colour of Your Undies Change Your Life.

The undies cover the sacral chakra of choice.  Nobody chooses your undies but you.  So when you make a conscious choice of the colour of your undies you are wearing each day you are making a conscious choice of where you want to go in life.  What you want to attract and what you want to do.

So easy so powerful.  Give it a go – you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.




Take all three elements and you win you are In Sync

When you take all three elements and you put them together it is amazing what you find out about yourself.  Even more powerful is how you can change your life, your business even your kids to a better life.

You always kick off with your brain codes so you know exactly how you think and feel about life.

You then take a look at your environment and see what is reflecting there.

You then connect to your mind and your body to see if you have any injuries, health worries or mind conflict.

You then join the dots and you will know exactly what to do to create the changes you need and how to be In Sync.

Be Inspired by Others



It changed my life
My Whole Family Changed
You Never think the same way again
I never miss a January Bootcamp
I did the Coloured Undies TM Walk
We did it as a team
I totally turned my business around
From a chef to a business owner was brilliant
Numbers Training
Unreal when you know how it works

Events – Bootcamps – Courses

Come and join in one of our amazing bootcamps.  You can even book a school group.  The bootcamps, courses and events are fun, powerful, always full of laughter and excitment.

The Club

Reset your mind every Monday online.  Go live with Chris Brazel and learn everything you can about energy.  Learn how to work with the colour of the month.  How to work with your home environment to make changes.  Check into the challenges to help you stay on track to your goals for the year.

What the Month will bring

  • The energy of the month
  • Colours to work with
  • Oils to work with
  • Animal to work with
  • Crystals to work with


  • Learn new ways to meditate
  • Learn mind and the breath
  • Visualisation
  • Paper & Water Meditations
  • New Meditations each month

Challenges if you Choose

  • Walking Challenge
  • Juice Move and Groove Challenge
  • Ribbon ChallengeCupboard Challenge
  • Colour Challenges

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You have nothing to lose and everything to win in life and in your business.


Chris Brazel