Juice, Move & Groove

I absolutely love transforming lives, sharing my knowledge with as many people as I can.

I love inspiring and helping you be your best and bring out your best.

2020 can be your best year ever.  Are you ready to come Juice, Move and Groove with me?

Hands up who is feeling that the jeans are a little tight.

I am sure you had a great Christmas break as I did.  Now it is time to get into the groove of 2022 and make this your best year ever.

Juice Move and Groove is a super way to get the mind back on track and focused for the year.  When you move the body you move the mind into real power of focus and commitment for the year.

Goove to me is simply being in perfect energy alignment.

As you know when you are in perfect energy alignment life is great.  Life flows and it is easy to manifest what you want, need or desire.

So What is it all about?

27 Day Challenge kicking off on 21st January.

Not sure you can make the 27 day then go for the 14 day Challenge.

We are going to detox the body and the mind.  We are going to kick off and lose the weight that we have gained both physically and mentally over the break.

We are going to create a focus which in turn will help you open pathways and doors to your goals in 2022.

It is so amazing when you start to nourish the body the right way how everything else start to fall into place in your life.

We will fast – we will juice and we will move.  Committing to just those three things I know at the same time you will defintiely move into the grove for 2022.

Are you Ready to lose the weight?

Weight Can Come on Many Ways

Weight can be body weight, emotional weight and the weight of others.

Juice Move and Groove is an awesome challenge where you get to work at all three at once.

You have a fasting time, a juice time and then a moving time.  Combine all three and see how easy it is to move into the groove to your goals.

Join me and others and be part of a great team of people who think outside the square to make changes in their life.



We kick off the morning with a juice.

The juice can be of your choosing.

I always kick off my morning with a Lemon, ginger and garlic juice which I make myself.  I will share the recipe if you like.




Everyday we are going to move the body which in turn moves and empowers the mind.

You can walk, run, bike ride or swim.

The choice belongs to you.

I will be both walking and riding.

There will be a sign off each day in a private facebook group for commitment.

How far?-         It can be anything from 3 km and upwards

How long- time wise? – It can be any time from 23 minutes and upwards.

Is it every day?  Easy answer – “Yes”


Groove into Perfect Alignment to Your Goals



What we are doing is moving the mind sideways out of the emotions, logical and practial side of the mind and into the creative energy of infinite possibilities.

We are stepping out of the mind emotions and making daily conscious choices that link to a purpose to what we want to achieve.

We are moving into being debt free.

When you give nouishment to the body you are telling your mind that you are on a mission to be healthy.




Online Learning

Lessons and meetings over the challenge will be:

Friday 21st   –

What chakra in the body are you blocked so you know what juices to work with.

Monday 24th –

Learn the Feng Shui and Energy Brain Spaces tips for the dining room, mail box, front door, clocks and calendars.  How everything in your home connects to your mind and what you are thinking and feeling about life.

Monday 31st January –

The colours, oils and crystals that connect to your unblocking code.

Monday 7th –

Diving into the depth of emotions that often block us

Monday 14 –

The energy connection of words, writing and money.



$45.00 members  

$95 Non Members

Members are those who have already purchased the 2022 Be the Creator of Your Life.  

Non Members come and join a great community.  When you join you will have the 2022 Be the Creator of Your Life as well as the Juice Move and Groove.

What do You get?

Online Workshops to help you lose the weight, align to your goals.  Connects to the block within the chakras that link to your goals.

Learn a brilliant Dive Deep Meditation so you can get to the core of an emotion to move on with your life.

Success Stories to Inspire You

Let these wonderful people inspire you and let you know that everything is possible if you choose it to be.  I would love to work with you and show you that where there is a will there is always a way.

Attention to Intention

Pay attention to your intention.

What does this mean?  Each day if you take little steps which connect to your intention you are keeping your energy in alignment to your goals.  This could be as simple as selecting the colour of your undies each day.  It could using your unblocking code and working with it each day. If your unblocking code is 1 then exercise will be your attention to intention energy alignment code.  That means that each day when you go for a walk or go to the gym you are unblocking your mind and making a conscious choice to move to your goals.

The undies are a great place to start as nobody really knows what you mind is focused on.

Life is a journey with many destinations. What I love about my work is no matter what the destination is, I know I have the energy, the knowledge, the expertise and skills to take you. Most clients start with one destination but continue on for many more. The moment you start to work with Your Access Code you step into perfect energy alignment you step into a whole new world where life becomes easy and everything flows to you in the most magical of ways.

Best Selling Author

My books are all based on real people, real stories with real successes.  They are easy to read, follow and best of all great for you to work with in your own time at your own pace.

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