WOW Kids – Moffatdale Bootcamp

Join me in Moffatdale for an awesome 3 day bootcamp for kids age from 7 – 11 years.

Over the three days we will have fun learning and creating.

We will use our imagination to create something from the bush

We will fish in the dam to learn how to catch our food from nature

We will work with the mini horses to connect to the animals and their mind

We will learn how to bounce and work with a ball to create a positve and confident mind.

Story telling around a camp fire with mashmellows.

Are you going to come?

How Does it Work?

Each child comes with a parent and we work as a team together.

Parents get to learn about the MINDCODES of their child and the children learn about their own MIND CODES.

They learn skills to use when life may give them some challenges

They learn how to become resilent, confident and look outside the square.

Imagination and creativty are the two main energies we will work with.

When you imagine and create you will always find answers and solutions.



The Days

You arrive on the Friday at 3.00pm

Tuesday – 21st

Make your fishing rod and learn to fish for dinner

Marchmellows and camp fire with stories and dance

Each Day 22nd – 24th

Up early for a morning adventure to the Dam and around the Camp site

Look for the animals and learn the energy of the animals and their connection to your mind

Learning ways to meditate and train the mind to what you want to achieve


The Days

Bounce Back Ball work for the mind and body

The energy of colours and what they mean and how to use

Creative projects for the bootcamp

The creative project will take up most of the day


Early dinner and camp fire with stories and dance.

You get to learn lots of dance moves



Resilence – You Never Give Up

To teach a child resilence, confidence and the power of the mind that you “never give up, for where there is a will there is always a way.”

Children are our future we need to help them at a young age to be able to conquer the world as it is today.

The Cost

Cost is per child

A parent must accompy the child or children

You can stay in the cabins at the dam or you can bring your tent – up to you

Camping is fun and you really get grounded.


Bring your own food and we cook together.

One meal will be totally organised by the children


Per child x 3 days Bootcamp – $320.00


1 Cabin for parent and 1 -2 children $420.00

Please call if you wish to know more

Come & Play with Me

I absolutely love playing and creating in the bush.

It is so much fun.  I know you will have a great time.

The bootcamps are great for both parent and child.

Everyone gets to know about each other.

Creativity and Imagination are the powerhouse fuel for the brain.

Just as a car needs fuel to run our minds need fuel to think and life better.

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