CB Champions

Welcome to my world with children where I teach Children to see and be in the world today.  To know who they are so they can be who they are meant to be.

Children are our future.  CB Champions Club is a community of children and parents working together as a team teaching, training and educating children how to be resilent, confident, kind and compassionate in the world today.  

You can as much as you like.  Everything is by small steps with easy simple choices.

What is a champion?  A champion in my eyes is a person who gives life a go.

It not about wining it is about taking part in the world today and bringing out the best within.


A child can join the club at any time. Parents have a choice on how they would like to work with me.  I like parents to feel comfortable about the way I work.  I can never promise guarantee success.  What I an promise is that we work as a team and try our best.

I always find it is best to chat with the parent about their child and we work together to see what will work best.  

I have books and videos which is more about DIY.  Or maybe a coaching session.  

By chatting first we can work out the best way to get the best results for you and your child.

The CB Champions Programme is one of the many ways to work as a team.  It is a fun, powerful way to work with the whole family.  This programme is where families work together to bring out their best.

It is a 6 step programme that starts with everyone understanding each other.  The family then kicks off the 6 steps meeting each fortnight by zoom.  More below.

Parents can also join one on one coaching with their child.

The key to the CB Champions is that we teach the children about their unique brains and how to work with their unique mind to bring out their best.

It is not about competition it is about participation to do your best.

Coaching and Consulting


This is a one-on-one coaching programme with parent and child.  The child learns about their mind and how their minds work.  The parent learns about the mind of the child and why the child does what he or she does.  We start with the Brain codes.  We then work on the energy of their room.   We work on a weekly basis.  Instead of sending your child to a psychologist and just talk and have a label of mental illness.  We teach the child resilience, confidence, imagination, creativity and the power of their mind and themselves to live in today’s world.

Working with Brooke was awesome.  She went from a children who was always anxious, she could not even stay over at friends place.  Once I showed her mum how her mind worked.  We got her into swimming where it built confidence and resilence.  She is a totally different person.

A confident child who knows what to do when her mind does not feel righ


CB Champion Consulting is where I work with parent and child together as a team.  We first look at the Brain Codes and how the child’s mind works.  We then look at the  child’s bedroom and the home overall to see what energy is being created in the home space.

We then put a plan into place.  You can book for one session and then follow up.  The choice is yours.

When you book a consult you receive membership to the CB Champions Club for free.


School Holiday Bootcamps

School Holiday Bootcamps are held each School Holidays.

They are held in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Moffatdale by the dam.

The children learn about:

  • Their Unique Mind
  • Imagination
  • Creativity & ART
  • Work with the horses
  • Meditation
  • The power of projects
  • Brain spaces
  • Working with Nature


First we work then we sing and talk by the campfire at night with toasting marshmellows

Weekend Bootcamps 

Weekend bootcamps are held on a regular basis.

Each bootcamp it is a required that one parent comes with the child.  I believe it is just as important for the parent to take place as it is with the child.

The weekend bootcamps are held Gold Coast, Brisbane and Moffatdale.

To find out the date of the next weekend bootcamp email or call.

CB Champions Club

The CB Champions Club

The Club is a place where you can come join and learn.

Each month we produce a magazine for the whole family to follow and learn from.

We have a selection of meditations to work with which you can download.

There is a library on how to set up your room and how to work with energy in the home.

There is an online as well as personal meeting each month.

The Club is the centre to learn, share and create a positive and happy place for both children and parents to live in the world today.

Join today.  You can join for a year, six months or monthly.  The choice belongs to you.

Team Leaders

My Team Leaders

I have an amazing team to work with.  They help me work out what children need.  They keep me on track.  I absolutely working with them

Children are smarter in this world then you think.  They want to help other children.  They want to be kind to the planet, plants and animal.  They know how precious they are.

Meet my team.

Mila Park – reminds me to never give up.  To use my imagination to solve any issues we are facing.

Koa Park – be creative and to remember to dance.  When you create and dance everything feels so much better.

Darcy Fahey – the little man who knows what children need to help them be confident.  He is the man behind some of our kids products such as the wristbands.


Brain Spaces For Children

The child’s bedroom is a major brain space that totally affects and connects to the mind of the child.  You can learn so much about what they are thinking and feeling about life by taking an honest look.

Parents usually set up the bedroom for the child.  How the parent is feeling with their own life and the connection of the child will result in the desing of the bedroom.



Check Our My Childrens Books & Artwork 

Children’s minds are precious.  What they read, what they see each day creates a massive influence on their mind.  As an adults mind can become sad and down with what is happening in the world today, they do not always realise that the colours, designs and books they select are actually sad.  With all my designs books and artwork they are colourful with special messages and always symbolisation for the children to learn and connect to.


The Village

 Chris Brazel Shop

Come visit my shop.  The place to shop for yourself or for that special person.  Everything in the shop is related to an energy flow in your life.  

You can choose the amount

Gift Vouchers

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Brain codes

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