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Love Where You Live

Design your home -design your life.

Every aspect of your home connects to every aspect of your life.

When you make changes in your home you are stepping sideways and making changes in your life.  You are a product of your environment, you create subconsciously and your subconscious is a reflection of your moods attitude and feelings.

The Love Where You Live ™ course teaches you every aspect of your home.  How to work with colour, placement, artwork, design right through to the original plans.  This course will teach you how to create cures and corrections when you have already built your home and you now know that position of doors, windows or even placement of kitchens, toilets and laundry are creating havoc in your life.

This course also teaches you how to work with rental properties – often you can feel as if there is nothing you can do.  Trust me there is always something you can do to create the best flow for you.  Life is about thriving, living to the fullest, having the best and reaching your full potential.  Where you are today does not mean where you can be tomorrow.

Love Where You Live ™ Feng Shui is a really easy way to read your home.  You learn how to work with every aspect of feng shui both traditional as well as eastern and western.  The Feng Shui principals that I teach are Soul Energy Feng Shui – a system which I created 19 years ago with proven results.

It is so easy to work with.  You can see instantly what you are creating in your life or in your clients life.  Best of all you can create change quick and easily.

We work with The Bagua map.  You also work with colours and numbers.  Every house energy starts with the energy of the number and the block of land.  The energy then builds from there.


Brisbane Course 

28th January One Day Introduction Course

28th 29th & 30th Practitioner – Home Stylist Course

Saturday – 28th January

Introduction to Love Where You Live ™ Feng Shui

You will learn:

What is Feng Shui

How to work with the Bagua Map

How to read your home from the Bagua Map

What is the energy of your personal home?

What does each room of the home represent

What is the room in the home that connect to you personally

Sunday – 29th January

We move into the Practitioner Course

The Practitioner Course includes:

The Practitioner courses starts with the Introduction one day course then you move to a deeper level

How to work with clients to create change in their life

How to read a clients home and how to make changes

The numerology and energy of homes from 1 – 100

Soul Energy Feng Shui – the connection of eastern and western along with numbers and colours

How to work with colour in your home and clients how

Homestyling for success

Homestyling for sale

House Sold The Easy Way – the system that is proven and works

The Practitioner course starts with 3 full day intensive then moves to practical work.  You work with me on the job.

Practical experience I believe is what is required to become a great practitioner

Practical Experience

4 homes that have been proving difficult to sell –

We will prac with the owners, the agent with our House Sold The Easy Way System to creating the best sale at highest price.

1 Flat project –  one owner has part of a home that she would like to convert to a one bedroom flat to rent

1 home – Client needs change in her life


1 Day Introduction Course –  course plus workbook $695.00

1 Day Introduction Course – course plus workbook and membership to WOW Yes! I did it Community $730.00 saving of $160.00

Professional Training

4 Day Intensive course training

Certificate course

Projects and Case studies – $2700.00 plus get


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