Manifesting starts with the mind

How did you go yesterday?  I hope you used the great handshake day and energy of 27 to start to see how easy it is to manifest.

Let me tell you about my day.  Early in the morning I looked at all the paddocks that needed to be mowed and thought to myself, that is it.  Time to buy a ride on lawn mower, but I am only spending around $1200 – $1300.00.  Decision made.  That is when the power starts.

Next Ricky who works with me with the horses arrived and I asked his opinion on moving Jazzie in with the bigger horses.  He didn’t want to commit.  My words were I am sure Willie will be fine.  I feel it is time for her to join in, she looks too lonely in house yard.

Next I headed to collect items I needed. I passed a John Deere Mower place so called in.  First action step.  Priced the mowers they were around $4,000.00 but they did have a second hand one for $1900.00.  I thought that is just a little above what I wanted.  Then I looked at the colours – yellow and green.  Yellow and green for females will always lead to self sabotage if they are not careful.

Next I had to call at my mum’s place and here is my brother in law mowing her lawn on a ride on mower.  A Husvana ride on.  Now, he has to my knowledge has never mowed her lawn all the time I have known him and that would be around 30 years.  I asked about the mower and he said it was a great mower.  I then asked how much for a second hand one, he replied around $2,000.00. I collected all my items I needed and headed home.  When you want to get something new you always look after what you have.  So I took my hand mower to the Mower place to get a service.  When I arrived we had a joke or two about the mowers I use how they are always in for a service.  I then said, well you will be pleased to know that I have decided to purchase a ride on.  He said “about time”.  I then asked if he had one for sale.  Funny you ask, a young chap just brought one in half an hour ago.  He wants me to do a service then he is selling it.  He is moving house and now only has a small yard.  I will give you his number.”  I then asked how much he thought the guy would want for it.  He said around $1500.00 but I think you will get it cheaper.  I then asked what brand – he said “Husvana”.  I thought perfect.  Went out to the car and gave the guy a call.  Told him I may be interested in his mower.  He said great and that if I wanted to see how it mowed just call past his house.  I then asked what address.  He said “17 Cluny Rd”.  I said, I lived on Cluny Rd and asked if he lived in the house on the left just before the over pass, as I had seen a guy often on a mower there reminding me each time I needed a ride on mower.  He said “yes”.  I said “well I live next door.”  He then went on to ask how much I wanted to spend.  I said “around $1200.00 – $1300.00”  He said well lets see what the repairs come to and maybe we can do a deal.  He then went on to say that he could get the repair guys to drop off to my house and I could test it for a week.  I thought great as one of the other thoughts that I had earlier was how was I going to get one home.

I headed for home and on the way had a call – guess what?  A sale of our Coaching Journal that would bring in around $1500.00.  Money for the mower.  Done deal.

The day does not finish there, remember me wanting Jazzie to join the other horses but not knowing which ones.  Well just after tea I went out to put Daisy’s rug on and then back inside.  I must have not double locked the gate as I sat to watch TV I noticed Willie running beside Jazzie.  She had managed to open the gate and get out herself.  Willie had her by his side.  It was as if the two were in love.  Daisy was right behind.  These two big race horses had decided to take little Jazzie under their wing and play with her.  So my thought planted in the morning for Jazzie to run with the big horses the universe took care to sort it all out for me.

That is the energy of the Sceptre of Heaven.  You make the decisions, take the actions you can take and the universe takes care of the rest.

Today we have the numerology energy of 28/38 so this is the day to look and see what is really in front of you.  No wasting time any longer either something is right or it is not.  Don’t be afraid to make decisions.

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