Meet Bella – The power of horses in healing

Meet Beautiful who is now called Bella.

Bella in Italian means beautiful. I had planned on calling her Molly but it just did not suit once we got her home. Bella is going to be wonderful in showing people who may be suffering Chronic Fatigue, low energy, and depression on how, when you have a purpose in life you immediately start to feel different. You want to be alive with eyes wide open and ready to start each day.

Bella had a wonderful home with a beautiful owner but time to ride with exams was not easy. So Bella spent a lot of her time alone in the paddock. When I first met her, she could hardly open her eyes. She moved so slowly and was hard to move into a trot and definitely not into a canter. She had the most wonderful feeling of security when you stood by her. For me I never get onto a horse that I do not know. But standing next to Bella you immediately wanted to ride her. She made you feel safe.

Her new life. Bella joined the Team to help people win and be empowered in life on Saturday 2nd Jan.

She loaded onto the float like a champion. She unloaded even better. She then headed over to meet the team – Daisy, Willie and Ivory. They got together and soon started to mark out each of their territory. It was interesting as Daisy the day before had hurt her foot so was in the round yard which got to be the centre meeting place. Daisy immediately made Bella feel at home.

She has only been here two and half days but already – eyes are wide open and you never see shut. She wants to walk up to you every time you come out of the house. She trots, canters and moves like an Olympian Dressage Champion. She has that much energy it is exciting. You would swear it was not the same horse that stood with eyes closed, no energy and hard to move into walking and trotting.

So how does this relate to chronic fatigue, depression, and low energy? Simple – I believe strongly that when the body has an illness there is an energy blockage within the mind and the body. You have very little purpose in life, you may be giving but not receiving, you may be alone without the right people around you.

For Bella even though she was in a great home with super people who loved her, she was not following her purpose. She was alone so much of the time with little to do. To me a kind of feeling what is there for me each day?

If you are feeling alone, depression, suffering chronic fatigue start to ask yourself the questions:

Am I lost at the moment?
Do I feel I have a purpose in life?
Do I feel I give and do not receive?
Do I look forward to waking up each day?

Life is a gift. To enjoy that gift you first must make the choice of wanting to live and enjoy life.

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