Success comes when you start with a vision, move to a plan then work with a team, always follow through until completion.

Never give up.

Aim high as you can and allow your vision to be known world wide.

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Business Transformations

What clients love about working with Chris Brazel, the Guru of Transformations is that we can start with a concept, a passion, or simply an idea floating around in your head.  Maybe it is just a dream.   No matter what Chris Brazel has a proven record of concept to completion.  Best of all the finish products being profitable.  There is absolutely no point being in business if you are not making money and best of all having the lifestyle you choose.  If you already have a business and it is simply not performing, not giving you a wage or a profit then work with Chris Brazel and see a transformation take place.  There is absolutely no point in working if you are not being paid.

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Positive Work Spaces

The spaces that you work in, your team works in and your clients see whether it is an office space or retail environment all reflect the success of your business.

The colours on the wall, the pictures, plants, placement of furniture all reflect an energy.  You work space can be powerful and inviting or it can off a negative energy.

Starting From Scratch to build a Brand

I absolutely love sitting with a client chatting about a passion or a product that they would like to turn into a business.

My mind goes to amazing places and I start to number crunch.  We come up with a brand identity, colours, concepts.

I double and triple check the energy behind the brand identity.  Match the colours to the owner and the product.

We then move into the environment colours, design and energy layout.

Next we work on the signage.

When I work with clients there is very little marketing required – It is all energy aligned so everything falls into place.

The Magic of this Branding

Within months this shop was pumping – we were turning over similar numbers to larger optometrist shops in country areas.

The real magic came when one day I sat down with Sue and we decided it was time to sell.  We had achieved what we set out to do.  Too much travelling involved – made the decision at 9.00am by 5.00pm that very day we had two buyers interested.  Two days later a deposit paid and the shop was sold.  We have created something magical with a products, the returns were amazing hence the reason why it sold quickly and easily.

Working with Claire and Her Transformation

When A Change Needs to Happen

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Meet Matt Steinwade - One Red Line

Meet Tanya of Lovitz Arts

Little changes go a long way

Meet Peter A Brand Change for the Best

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Meet Phillipa -From a Dream to Reality

I love taking dreams and turning them into reality.  Meet Phillipa who always wanted to own and run a Beauty College.  We started with a dream and we finished with the Beauty Skills Academy in Stones Corner in Brisbane.  It was such a fun journey.  I worked with Phillipa in helping her create the reality of her beauty college.  Once we had the venture ready to work I then worked with Phillipa on branding, colours, marketing, advertising material and the actual college space.  We then worked together month by month to keep a positive mind in creating a business that made profits.

“Our Companies have been working with Chris for nearly 10 years. We always marvel at Chris’ ability to create new brands and logos that just seem to look right from the very beginning. We recently undertook a rebranding where we merged two existing companies into one. The result is outstanding and once again proved the value of seeking Chris’ advice in what can often be a very contentious process”


“We have been working with Chris Brazel for more than 12 months now and in that time Chris has redesigned our logo, consulted on the feng shui of our office and been involved in the development of the colours, logo and branding of a new business we are about to launch.  Her wisdom and input on these projects has given our brand strength and traction in the market place and we are seeing the positive effects of her suggestions everyday”



Small Selection of Brands and Logos

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