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||Connect, Colour, Create, Conquer and Collect
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A Day in the Country to Connect, Colour , Create, Conquer and Collect

Join me each month for an amazing one day workshop where you learn to quite the mind and connect to your soul and what your soul needs.  A special time where you work within nature, still the mind, work with the breath and connect to you the person and your needs.   Too often we live at such a fast pace we are more in automatic then in the present moment, enjoying life.

Connect – we start the day with gratitude and connecting to your soul.  We work with the breath learning each month different techniques.  We then move to mind and body work – learning how to move the body with different exercises to first still the mind then to empower the mind.  Each month you will learn a new breathing exercise with mind and body work.  A special way to work spirituality to be in-spirit and in alignment.

Colour – Each month you learn all about colour, colour combinations and how they can energise and empower you.  There is always a colour coding for the day.

Creativity – the next session is working in a creative way to open the sacral chakra – the chakra of choice and the chakra of wealth through creativity.  Each month there will a different creative exercise to work with and learn from.

Lunch is provided and varies each month.

Conquer – each month you will leave with a plan of action on how best to conquer and receive the rewards of your visit.

Numbers are limited so each person receives individual attention.

You Will Love Your Day in the Country

Taking time out from your busy life can be the most rewarding gift you can give to yourself.

You will always leave renewed with new energy and a plan for the future.

Spending time in nature is an amazing way to connect spirituality.  When you start to move to be in spirit you start to move to being in alignment.  When you are in alignment life becomes easy and what you need you attract.  You stop the struggle and sacrifice.

Our Creativity sessions vary from large projects in nature to art in the class room.  All creative projects have a conscious purpose and energy connection to the mind.  We work with colour combination that have conscious connections to working with the mind and emotions,

Next Day Course 12th August 9.30am – 3.30pm

The Day

The colours for the day are pink and white – when you work with pink and white all your aims and ideas are coming to fruition.  You get to find the blocks.

We start learning how to set pure intentions

Breath work – to still the mind

Learning the Desert meditation

Figure Eight meditations – learning to bring heaven and earth’s energies to help you manifest.

The ART of Reversing this is both a mind and body movement.

Lunch – Pumpkin Soup, a selection of breads and cheese.  The simple side to life


Working with three pictures of your goals and learning how to work with art and pictures to remove obstacles out of your way to collect on your goals.

Finding the true fear to what is holding you back.  

If you do not have your goals then it will be a resistance to receiving or a fear that is stopping you.

Afternoon Tea – Ginger Tea and 5 Minutes of silents to learn to receive messages.

Personalised Plan of action for the month

Costs:        $145.00 for members  $150.00 Non members

Cost includes course, lunch and afternoon tea

Venue:      3226 Great North Rd., Wollombi

Deposit:      Course deposit is $45.00 which is non refundable – balance is paid on the day

Book Now

Come and join me.

The one day courses are amazing in helping you connect spirituality.

You will leave with an amazing feeling of peace and harmony within.

Best of all is the changes that will follow.