Join Me In Hawaii 2016

Colour – Conquer – Create

8 Amazing Days in the wonderful energy of Hawaii with Chris Brazel

This year’s theme is focused on Colour, Conquer and Create.

7 full days learning the learning the Mind, Body and the Environment Energy Connection..  The ART of working with the energies of colour, numbers and Soul Energy Feng Shui.  Learning easy action steps to create a paradigm shift in your life or business.

You Will Have the Time of Your Life

Email me or give me a call.   I would love to have you join me.

Australia:      041 2701 408        

International:    +61 41 2701 408


Colour – Conquer –  Create


This Year’s Challenge

Our challenge this year will be to conquer the paddle board.

Will you be able to ride the great waves of Hawaii by the end of the week?

I have the “Yellow Jacket for the person who first conquers the waves.”

You will start with an easy session in the lagoon then you get to venture to the ocean.

Venturing to the ocean is optional. If you prefer to stay in the lagoon that is fine. If the ocean is not your seen Chris can give you an optional water exercise. Paddling in the ocean will be optional. Just think of how great it will be to feel that you have conquered the waves. The paddle board is the most amazing tool to work with when you want to conquer emotions and mindset patterns.

Swimming with the turtles

You will absolutely love this adventure.  Swimming in the waters of Hawaii are both cleansing and clearing.  Water connects to your emotions.  Swimming through the beautiful waters with the turtles gives you the sense of moving through mountains of emotions.  When you work with the energy of the turtle you are allowing helpful people to come into your life to help.  Often we feel in life that we have to do everything by ourself.  This is so not true.  Life is about sharing the good and the bad, the tough but also the beautiful times in our life.  At any time all you have to do is reach out and there will always be a helping hand by your side.

Diamond Head Climb

This year we will conquer the Diamond Head Climb.  An amazing walk to the top where you will feel powerful, focused and ready to tackle anything that is happening in your life.  The great thing about this climb is that you can spend time before Hawaii in getting fit to be ready for the climb.  We will work together as a team to ensure  you make it to the top.  We will be working with the colour red on this climb.  Red is great for confidence and the power to know that you will make it to the end.  During the climb you will also work with mind declarations and affirmations.  Chris will teach you as you go, how to be in total awareness of your environment and your body.  Working with the breath, site, sound and smell.  Be ready for a super amazing adventure to the top. Think when you climb the diamond head you are at the same time releasing the diamond within.

Being Creative

Be ready to draw, colour and create.

Creativity is one of the most powerful tools to open the sacral chakra of choice but more importantly the chakra of abundance and prosperity.  When you open the mind to create you open the doors to golden opportunities.

A special day to create your beautiful butterfly and your personal journey to freedom.

You will start by creating your own design then you will have a 21 day declaration to follow along with colours and cleaning when you get home.  Last year the butterfly journey saw Anna win a major prize in lotto so she could start her career in feng shui. Lisa wanted a new car and a new paddle board.  She had both within two months of the butterfly journey.  Cathy wanted a committed relationship and ring she receive both within one month of the butterfly journey.

Shopping Day

Now this is a fun day.  A day to explore the most amazing shops in Hawaii.  Check out the bargains both in clothes, accessories and shoes.  You will love the shoes and the hand bags.

I can assure you there is plenty to choose from with great prices.

Best of all you will know all about the best colours for you and what colours will bring out the best in you.


Check out what I have planned for youLife

 Day One –  8th November

  • All about your intentions and your goals
  • Free time when you arrive to book in and explore.
  • We will meet at 5.00pm to work on releasing, intentions and goals
  • Cocktails to celebrate the journey ahead.

Day Two – 9th November

  • All about You – Who are “YOU” through your personal numerology
  • What do you attract subconsciously?
  • What tribe do you belong to?
  • How to be in alignment to your perfect tribeu back in the past.

Day Three – 10th November

  • The energy and power of working with Colour
  • What is colour
  • How to work with colour
  • Colour combinations

Day four – Creating Day 12th November

  • The Butterfly Journey to Freedom.
  • Learn how to be creative to open the sacral chakra of choice, prosperity and abundance.  A great colourful and creative exercise that you will totally enjoy.  Best of all I know you will get rewards and results.

Day Five  – 13th November

  • Swimming with the turtles
  • We will start the day with Swimming with the turtles then it will be all about your Attention to your Intention.
  • How to work with your mind, body and your environment to be in alignment to your goals.

Day Six  – 14th November

  • Your free day to enjoy Hawaii.
  • Check out the shopping ware houses.  Go for your last paddle board or dip in the ocean.

The day is yours to do as you wish.

Day Eight – 15th November

Leave Hawaii with super memories, great inspiration ready for home and an action plan for 2017


Dates and Costs

Total cost is $2998 which includes:

  • Your Personal  Identity Profiling
  • Tribal Profiling
  • Power and Energy of Colours
  • The different Energies of each colour
  • Paddle boarding costs
  • Swimming with the turtles
  • Diamond Head Walk
  • Gift for the trip
  • (Please note it does not include any meals or travel expenses)

Colour Consultant or Colour Therapy Practitioner

This course will start you on your journey to becoming a Colour Consultant or Colour Therapy Practitioner

If you love working with people and love the energy of colour then come join me and lets get you on track to operating your own business.  Once you get back to Australia you can then enrol for level 2 and 3 of the Colour Consultants or Colour Therapy Practitioner Course.

There are several ways to work with the consultants or practitioners course email me or call 041 2701 408 if you would like to know further information.