Join Me In Hawaii 2019

Dates:  14th – 21st November, 2019

Hawaii 2019 –  Create your Turning Point –

Hawaii heals, excites and gives you the clarity, strength, healing and courage to turn your life around to whatever you want.

I have a super 7 day adventure for you.  You will have fun, be inspired, motivated and best of all I know I can change your life for the better.

Hawaii one of the most powerful lands in the world.  A place to go to heal.  A place to find “you.”  A place to learn the ART of Living and Manifesting.  Hawaii can lift your spirits, it can lift your soul.  You can start to see clearer then you have ever seen before.  You can start to hear the voices within.  You can learn how easy it is to be in perfect alignment with you, your mind, your body, your heart, your soul and how they all connect to your environments.

If you have not experience the magic of life and manifesting join me and learn how easy life can be.  People often ask me “how did you do that”  for example being invited to be on one of the most watched shows in the World.  UK Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.  I did it through perfect energy alignment, working through my heart and soul.  No agents, no marketing, no publicity officer totally through the mind and energy alignment.

Let me show you how.  In 2017 my goal was to move to the Hunter and have a beautiful family home.  All achieved within 5 months.  I bought and moved there by 15th May.  What ever you want you can have.  Trust me, Believe me, life belongs to you.

In 2016 in Hawaii Lisa wanted to be debt free all done within 6 months of of 2017.  The pathways became clear and easy – all Lisa had to do was to walk through each door way.  Lisa has already booked for 2018 this year she wants to loose the weight she has put on.  2018 will see a fitter and learner Lisa along with her passion to open her new business in coaching.

In 2015 Fiona wanted to get in charge of her life.  She wanted to learn more about Feng Shui she thought that was the way to go with her business.  In 2016 we changed her over to Business Consulting and using all her energy tips behind the scene.  For 2017 and 2018 she is booked out with clients.

Cathy in 2016 wanted a ring – never been married – In December 2016 her ring arrived and the most amazing man is in her life.

Hawaii heals you, gives you clarity what I do is teach you how to Access Code what you want and to help you move into perfect alignment.

You Will Have the Time of Your Life

Email me or give me a call.   I would love to have you join me.

Australia:      041 2701 408        

International:    +61 41 2701 408

Allowing Yourself to be free – learn the power of mind and dance

Our Classroom is out in Nature where you always find answers


The Healing Powers of Hawaii

You cannot explain how Hawaii heals, it just does.  You may come feeling as if you carry the world on your shoulder, I know you will leave a new person.  You may come thinking you can only survive in life but when you leave you know you are meant to thrive in life.  You may come feeling alone but you will leave knowing you are party of an amazing world of people willing to share and care.  Learning how to work with the Ho’oponopono meditation is powerful, meaningful and a way you will heal and get to love once again.  When you are healed you can conquer, when you conquer you win and create the  life you wish full of love, wealth and success.  You start to live a WOW life.


Personal Access Coding 

Personal Access Coding – Everyone has access to what they want they simply restrict their access and don’t allow what they want to come to them.  It is so important to know the real YOU.  Access Coding teaches you how to work with YOU the person and how to work with colours, energies, your environment, your body and the mind in amazing ways – doors just open and all you have to do is walk through.

Over the week you will totally get to know YOU the person.  We will get to the core of who you are, what is your true purpose here on earth.  What stops you from achieving what you want.  How to heal hurts from the past.  This is a power week to work on You and then return to Australia with a whole new way at looking at things in life.

Best of all you will know how to loose the weight you are carrying either physically, emotionally or financially.

My absolute favourite time ever is when I teach you how to empower the mind through dance.  Dance and creativity are two of the most powerful tools to use in manifesting what you want in life.


Take 2019 & Create 2020

Each year I help you map out the year ahead.  How to code each month and to be in alignment to ensure that your goals, dreams and desires come to fruition.  I show you how easy it is to take control of your life, the direction you want to go and to empower you to making wise choices.

Each day you will learn in a special way.  I teach while out in the environment –  moving the body to move the mind.  Learning through the environment, the people around you, colours, energies, numbers, co-incidences, serendipity, awareness, animals and most of all you learn all about YOU the person.  You learn what blocks you and what holds you back.  You learn 6 laws of manifesting with Your Access Code.  The first is Attention to Intention – learning the ART of Pure Intention and how by working with Pure Intention you become powerful in all that you attract into your life or business.

Your Access Code

Access Coding is the Your 1st Lesson.  

You then move into learning how to use your Access Code to loose the weight and how to manifest what you do want.

The Law of Cause and Effect – Why are you carrying weight?

Swimming with the turtles

You will absolutely love this adventure.  Swimming in the waters of Hawaii are both cleansing and clearing.  Water connects to your emotions.  Swimming through the beautiful waters with the turtles gives you the sense of moving through mountains of emotions.  When you work with the energy of the turtle you are allowing helpful people to come into your life to help.  Often we feel in life that we have to do everything by ourself.  This is so not true.  Life is about sharing the good and the bad, the tough but also the beautiful times in our life.  At any time all you have to do is reach out and there will always be a helping hand by your side.

The Law of Process –  One Step at a Time

Diamond Head Climb

This is a great climb.   An amazing walk to the top where you will feel powerful, focused and ready to tackle anything that is happening in your life.  The great thing about this climb is that you can spend time before Hawaii in getting fit to be ready for the climb.  We will work together as a team to ensure  you make it to the top.  We will be working with the colour red on this climb.  Red is great for confidence and the power to know that you will make it to the end.  During the climb you will also work with mind declarations and affirmations.  Chris will teach you as you go, how to be in total awareness of your environment and your body.  Working with the breath, site, sound and smell.  Be ready for a super amazing adventure to the top. Think when you climb the diamond head you are at the same time releasing the diamond within.

The Law of Balance and Choices we Make each day

Why are you where you are?

Paddle Boarding 

Paddle boarding in the ocean is totally optional.  yuuIf you think the waves are not your thing then I have another water balance exercise for you.  Nothing feels greater then being out in the waves of Hawaii.  The healing of the water is so powerful for the mind, the body and the past.  We start in the lagoon then once you feel confident we move to the ocean, first near the shore then to out deeper.  If you feel the ocean is not your scene then we stay in the lagoon.  You are in charge all the way.  You are never pushed to take part in anything you feel is not right for you.  If you have an injury and not sure about the paddle boarding then I have heaps of other water exercises to work with.  

The Law of Creativity to Manifesting – thoughts to reality

Being Creative

Be ready to draw, colour and create.   This is one of my favourite times – by the pool, playing with creativity.  Best of all the amazing results that you achieve when you come home through opening your sacral chakra – the chakra of choice, wealth and prosperity.

Creativity is one of the most powerful tools to open the sacral chakra of choice but more importantly the chakra of abundance and prosperity.  When you open the mind to create you open the doors to golden opportunities.

A special day to create your beautiful butterfly and your personal journey to freedom.

You will start by creating your own design then you will have a 21 day declaration to follow along with colours and cleaning when you get home.  Last year the butterfly journey saw Anna win a major prize in lotto so she could start her career in feng shui. Lisa wanted a new car and a new paddle board.  She had both within two months of the butterfly journey.  Cathy wanted a committed relationship and ring she receive both within one month of the butterfly journey.

This butterfly design took Anna to winning a major prize in lotto.  That was one way to her goal of running her own business.

The Law of giving – give yourself the joy of giving.

Shopping Day

Now this is a fun day.  A day to explore the most amazing shops in Hawaii.  Check out the bargains both in clothes, accessories and shoes.  You will love the shoes and the hand bags. I can assure you there is plenty to choose from with great prices.  Best of all you will know all about the best colours for you and what colours will bring out the best in you.

Saying Good-bye to return to win in life and be an achiever

We have a super celebration Lau Lau on the last day by the sea.  The other nights you have heaps of choices either the night life, shopping, or quiet time by the beach.  Our time in Hawaii is special, we try and make the most of everything.


Check out what I have planned for you

 Day One –  Access Coding with The Law of Attention to Your Intention

  • All about your intentions and your goals
  • How to manifest and create your goals, dreams and wishes
  • Free time when you arrive to book in and explore.
  • We will meet at 5.00pm to work on releasing, intentions and goals
  • Cocktails to celebrate the journey ahead.

Day Two –  Access Coding with The Law of Balance

  • We start with mind power then off to paddle board
  • Today is All about You – Who are “YOU” What is Your Access Code to Love, Health, Happiness, Wealth & Success
  • Why and what is the weight you are carrying?
  • What do you attract subconsciously?
  • What is your Tribal Code do you belong to?
  • According to Your Access Code what is the best way for you to achieve the change.
  • How to goal set to achieve.  Often we goal set but we don’t achieve.  This trip you are going to learn to win and achieve

Day Three – Access Coding and The Law of Process – One Step at a Time

Colour Coding and Conquering Diamond Head

  • The energy and power of working with Colour
  • What is colour  coding?
  • How to work with colour coding?
  • How to use colour coding to loose weight?
  • Colour coding combinations
  • We get to climb Diamond Head where you go up high and know how easy it is to conquer any mountain

Day four – The Law of Creativity

  • The Butterfly Journey to Freedom.
  • Learn how to be creative to open the sacral chakra of choice, prosperity and abundance.  A great colourful and creative exercise that you
  • will totally enjoy.  Best of all I know you will get rewards and results.
  • Creativity is one of the powerful ways to step sideways with the mind, the read the mind and to loose weight
  • You see what you are really thinking subconsciously 
  • I will analyse each drawing, position of items, colours you have used as well as symbols
  • This is where the power sits when you can see what you are truly thinking and feeling through colour analysis
  • Once you have learnt to create we are off for an adventure to see a ranch

Day Five  – The Law of Cause and Effect with What blocks You

  • We start learning the WOW Ball Games then head off for an adventure
  • The WOW Ball games is great for unblocking the mind for answers
  • An exercise you can learn in Hawaii then take back to work with in Oz
  • Swimming with the turtles
  • After swimming with the turtles we will journey around the Island
  • Today you learn the blocking codes and how to unblock when you are not receiving
  • What is your unblocking colour and how to work with those colours and energies.

Day Six  – The Law of Giving and Receiving

  • Working with the hands – learning the energy of our body in connection to our mind
  • Learning how to read the subconscious
  • How to read a person simply by their choice of clothing
  • Shopping day
  • Check out the shopping ware houses.  
  • Swim in the ocean, go for walk – you are free to choose

The day is yours to do as you wish.

Day Seven – The Law of Doubt and Soul Connection

With doubt you achieve nothing

With focus and soul connection you can achieve anything

With will you totally collect your dreams, wishes and goals

Dates and Costs

Total cost is $995.00:

  • What is Access Coding
  • The Six Laws of Manifesting and Creating a WOW Life
  • YOU -lets really get to know you – what is your purpose here on earth
  • Tribal Access Codes
  • Colour Coding and how to work with Your Access Code and Colour
  • WOW way to Train Your Brain to health, happiness and success
  • Are you in competition
  • Training Your Brain
  • Reading people and environments

What do You Pay For:

This year we are changing what is included in your costs.  To make it easy and less expensive the course with Chris Brazel is $995 then you pay as you go for our excursions, trips and entry fees.  We found this a much easier way to work and it works out a lot less.  Normally budget around $450 for all excursions and trips if you do everything.  Sometimes it is less.

Airfares:  There are great specials with Hawaiian Airlines  check out their site.  You can also fly Jetstar and meet us in Hawaii.

Accommodation:  We stay at the Aston Waikiki just across the road from the beach.  We do have a couple of people ready to share which reduces the costs.