We Did It, We Did It

What a super amazing journey.  It started many years ago with a dream, a goal and a wish.  We have accomplished all working together as a forceful team.  We still work together today.

Life is a journey of many destinations.  What I love about working with my clients, is that they kind of get on the bus  when they are ready to shoot for a new goal.  They have the ability to get on and off the bus as they need me.

When I first met Phillipa her wish was to help her husband Glen who wanted to build a new business, a new brand and a identity.  He had also been diagnosed with cancer.  So there was huge job ahead to both beat the cancer, establish a company, brand identity and to create a future for them both.  She had talked Glen into stepping sideways and working me.

I think Glen at first thought, wow who is this lady.  I kind of made heaps of sense and was extremely pin point accurate when speaking about their business, what I felt they needed and what I knew we needed to do.

Once I had the plan for Glen I asked Phillipa what would be her goal.  She replied owning a Beauty College in Brisbane.  At the time she was running her beautician business from the home.  She was brilliant at what she did.  Women would leave feeling on top of the world after having a beauty treatment with Phillipa.  Phillipa knew how to bring out the beauty and the best in all of her clients.

I thought WOW, that is a great goal – let’s do it.  I love it when clients really want to reach for the stars.

I could see that the beauty college was definitely a passion with Phillipa.  Next I asked Glen was would be his passion and absolute dream.  He said owing and driving a Lotus Sports Car.

Well, three great goals well in fact four with the branding of his finance business.  Now it was up to me to pull it all together.

When you want to shoot for the stars and aim high you have to be prepared to be disciplined and follow through, even if some days you think you are not getting anywhere.  It is not the fact you are not getting anywhere it is just the fact that all your good needs to catch up to you.  Why I loved working with Phillipa and Glen was that if I gave them a colour, a cleaning task, an affirmation to work with – there was no debate, their was no winging, there was only as I would always hear from Phillipa – “Right, lets do it”.

It didn’t take long first the branding and building of Trio Finance, next came the Beauty College in Stones Corner, third came the Lotus Sports Car and best of all the cancer in re-mission.  All accomplished in just a few years.

I am so proud of my team.  Thanks Phillipa and Glen for being part of my journey and allowing me to drive the bus when you need to change destinations.


Beauty Skills Academy, Brisbane

Phillipa’s top tips:

  • Always aim high
  • Don’t let another invade or stop your goal or dream
  • Be dedicated, committed and follow through
  • Do acts of faith ( one important message is always pushing, when you do acts of faith it simply means you are committed and you believe that you will reach you goal, it is only a matter of time)



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The rewards for following your passion are beyond any treasure chest you will find.


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