Join me and an amazing group of men for a powerful weekend.  Just for guys.

A weekend to be amongst others who have achieved, who have conquered and best of all realised that at some stage you have to do something about the life you are leading and creating.

For men you are supposed to be the leader.  You are the head of the family.  You are the one that,  through the years has been lead to the believe, that  it is your responsibility to provide for all of the family.  Who do you chat to when something is not working?  Who do you chat to when things feel as if they will not get better?

People see me working totally outside the square but you know what, at the end of the day I get results.  Whether it be the fact that you are simply feeling down.  Whether it be that you have just been told you have some form of cancer or health problem.  It could that your marriage for so many years has just ended or you have been made redundant.



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No matter what – if you have one tiny seed of hope whether it be planted by a friend, by me or even yourself there will be a way back to the top.

I have a super amazing adventure, education and sharing weekend ready for you.  Yes, I am female, so I am sure I can hear you now = what would you know?  What I know is the fact that I have put so many before you back to track.  If I can do it for someone else I can help you.  Be ready for a bit of colour.  Especially the undies.  Your weekend will be different.  Your weekend will move you in new directions.  Best of all you will laugh, feel free and even better still leave with a mind that knows how to take control.  You will leave with action steps to put you on track. A way to take what I have taught you and put into your routine.

Can you afford not to join me?


Mind Body and Environment Connection

What the mind thinks, the body feels and your environment will reflect.

You are a product of your environment, you create your environment subconsciously and your subconscious reflects your mood, attitude and feelings.


It is Your Choice Which Adventure For You


Armidale is  becoming the motor bike capital of Australia with amazing short and long distance bike rides.

Each day there will be a selection of time for one of these adventures.  Bring your bike and be inspired and educated at the same time.

Each adventure will be lead by one of our amazing guys who has also won in life.


Armidale again has amazing country roads where you can feel the amazing feeling of freedom on your bike.

When the motor bike guys are off on their adventure you can do the same thing.

Each adventure will be lead by one of our amazing guys who has also won in life.


If you are not into motor bikes or mountain/road bikes then join me for a super amazing time working with the power of the horse.  You will be amazed at what energy you can feel and shift once you start to work with the horse.

You will work mainly with me but also joining me will be on the guys I have helped to change their life.


Inspiration, Motivation, Education & Adventure


  • You the Person –  get to know you – often we just take ourselves for granted
  • Mind Chat – Easy Ways to Meditation and quieten the mind
  • Adventures –  Choice or Motor bike, Mountain Bike, Road Bike or Horses
  • Step outside the Square – how to work with your environment
  • Colour Your Life – the power of working with colour
  • Chat With Others Who Have Won  – be inspired by others you have been there and now winning in life

You The Person

We start with an insight into you through Identity profiling.

Identity profiling allows you to really get to know who you really are.  Often in life you become what you think you are suppose to become.  You never get the chance to be who you really want to be or to follow your dreams.

Often an illness will occur when there is an energy blockage within the mind and the body.  A blockage occurs when you are resisting a change that needs to occur.

You will love this session.

You will get to really see what works for you

Mind Chat

Are you constantly being controlled by the chatter of your mind?

Are you chatting with your mind or is your mind chatting to you?

Learn easy techniques to quieten the mind so you can create silence in order to be able to be free.

I have easy meditation techniques for you to learn over the weekend and then to take home.  To make it easy there will be both youtube videos for you to freshen up on or pod casts as well as easy to follow work books.

Your Environment –  Stepping Sideways

You will love this session.

You will get to really see what works for you.  What areas to work with personally as well as in your environment.  Working with your environment is like stepping sideways.  Sometimes it is hard to connect or change an emotion.  But if you work on a physical energy then you are moving an item not an emotion.  Moving the physical item you move the emotion.

Meet Others Who have fixed, conquered and created.  If they can do it so can you.

I have an amazing group of helpers who will be with me over the weekend from guys who have beaten cancer and having a great life, to guys who have beaten depression and now having a great life.  You may meet someone who was made redundant or divorced after years of marriage or service and now with a new life.  Join me there will definitely be someone here that will inspire you.


Each day you will have a 2 – 3 hour adventure so what you learn first up in the morning you can connect to what the heart loves to do.  When you can connect the energy of the mind to an action movement of the body you can create a new flow of energy.  Whether you go for a motor bike adventure, road or mountain bike adventure or horse power it is entirely up to you.

Home and work Environments

Let me teach you how to work with your home or work environment to create power and peace of mind.  Working with your home or work environment allows you to make choices with action steps.  When you can make conscious choices with action steps you start to re-gain your power and direction in life.

Colour Your Life

Colour your life is such an easy way to work with choice and power of action.  Many years ago I wrote Coloured Undies ™ Change the Colour of Your Undies Change Your Life ™ .  Why the undies?  Well the undies cover an area of the body that relates to choice and change.  When you select your undies, nobody makes that choice only you.  Nobody sees what colour you have unless you choose to show them.  It is such a simple action step that has started to domino effect to many men before you.  Something so simple yet so effective in healing and releasing to become new again.

Your Take Home Action Plan

You will leave with an easy action plan to keep you on track.

Let me show you how to create a routine that will fit into your daily time table.

Nutrition is also important – so, let me teach you how to work on your nutrition.  How to work on aromas and sound energy to continue to keep your mind focused and how to maintain  personal power.


Meet Robbie – and listen to his story of how change came about in his life


One phone call, a few meeting, easy action steps including changing the colour of his undies and now a brand new man with a wonderful new wife, new job and a whole new adventure.  Listen to what Robbie has to say in his podcasts.  Meet Robbbie when you come up for the weekend.  Robbie will be working with me and the Horse Power.


As soon as he sold his boots, things started to change.

Who would have thought something so simple could change a mind energy.

Click on the You’ve Got Choice button  to listen to Robbie and his story


After meeting and working with Robbie he met his new wife.  Moved into a new job and now living in a new area in the New England.

All came about when he decided one day he needed to do something about his life.  That life was worth living, all he needed was a little help.

Click on the You’ve Got choice button below to hear his interview.


Robbie talks about being in the present moment and seeing what is really in front of you.

Keeping an eye out for feathers that mean a lot to you.


From desperation to a totally new life

Who would have thought?

Renovating a caravan and learning to rock and roll dance, could  take you from feeling like you had hit rock bottom to being on top of the world.  This would have been one of my most favourite successes.


You work hard all your life to build a home, care for your family to find you wake up one day and you and your partner are heading in different directions.  You are heading for divorce.  You move out thinking you are doing the right thing only to find yourself living in a one room at the back of a service area with very little.  In the meantime your partner is living in the home you built and with all your belongs.  You can either sit and feel sorry for yourself , get anxious about the future or you can take what you have and re-build your life again.  This is exactly what my client did.  We started with $1000 bought a caravan that needed to be totally renovated, spent $8,000 on re-designing and with the help of friends built a new home to live in.  The journey of creating  helped  to ease the mind, ease anxiety and gave my client something to focus on. Once completed what to do next?  He always wanted to learn rock and roll dance. So, I suggested he do just that.  First night he met a lovely lady who is now a major part of his life.  He has bought a new home.  Bought into the taxi business.  He now has a new life. A totally new man and a bright future. Working with your hands in a creative way is one of the most amazing ways to pull your mind into alignment and give yourself every change of being on top of the world again.


Meet Mark

Sometimes you work so hard to create success for a company only to find you end up redundant. Lost and needing to start again.



When I meet Scott he was frustrated about the fact he could not sell his chicken shop.  It has been on the market for a few years without any sign of a sale.  I was holding an

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