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Let’s have an awesome month

Find a buddy to work with month

Time to play ball and climb a few stairs

When you take one step at a time you always reach your goals

My message to you for the month

This month is major conscious choices month with the opening of the heart

Are you ready?


Month of February

Be ready for a bit of a roller coaster ride this month?

Do remember that a roller coaster can be fun, full of laughter and you totally get to step out of your comfort zone.

This month will be interesting – we have a two energy in an eleven/two year with a force energy of thirteen/four.

You really have to make sure your time is occupied this month – otherwise the mind is going to wander and you will start reflecting too much on the past and what you should or should not have done.

Take the warrior approach this month, be ready for the roller coaster and take one step at a time. Put a plan into place with 2 action steps to do each day that will keep you focused and on track to your goals. They can be ‘totally step out of the box’ action steps, but connect the action steps to your goals.

Let me give you an example. Self -esteem is often what holds us back from collecting and receiving the true wealth of our lives. One step out of the box action step would be to work on the stomach muscles – You can do sit up. You can do planks: anything that will strengthen the stomach muscles and give you a feeling of power and strength. You could try climbing stairs with a start and a finish so you gain confidence knowing that you started something took one step at a time and made it to the top. State an affirmation over and over in your mind as you go up the stairs. I have a little challenge this month to work on the number of stairs climbed for the month. I am in the challenge, as well as hosting the challenge in various places. Hope you can join me.

With the two universal energy month with the force energy of 13/4, you will be able to break free of patterns that have been occurring in your life.   This will be the magic of this month.

Thirteen can be so powerful if you work with it in the right way. To work in the right way will be working for the good of mankind or humanity in some way.

Everything we do each day has a connection to mankind. It is the energy of cause and effect. What you give out is what you get back.

Every choice you make, you are making a choice about your plans for the future and breaking free from bondage, mistakes and misfortunes from the past.

The more you work in the present moment attending to doing what is required at the specific time of day, the more control you will have of the energies.

The 13/4 energy connects also to overseas – don’t be surprised if you get to travel, speak or have dealings internationally during the month of February

I know for me we already have two Brazilian Geologists booked in for Arlingten Park. One very powerful female geologist is renowned for her work.   She is renowned because she knows her identity, she is passionate about her work and she stays focused. I will definitely be getting her to climb rocks here at Arlingten Park.


Area in the home to work on

We are back to the cleaning and house sharing time.


The area to clean and work on will be the garage. Garages represent past emotions so we need to make sure that we have cleaned out all the past in order to receive the new.

 Balancing the rooms

This is a great exercise to work on. If a room is not balanced, you will often find yourself self-sabotaging, lacking in energy, and not completing jobs or tasks.

When a room is not balanced, there will be a domineering energy. Find the domineering energy and soften it.

How to check if a room is balanced:

You need representation of all five elements.

Wood, water, fire, earth and metal.

The elements can be in colours, pictures, furniture, and accessories.

Wood – can be wooden furniture, the colour green or rectangle items

Water – can be an actual water fountain or pictures, colour blue or wavy lines

Metal – can be metal objects or items, white or round objects

Earth – can be earth objects, tiles, rocks, crystals, colours yellow or orange or the square shape

Fire – can be candles, items that are pointed, fire pictures, the sun energy or the colour red

Colours for the month

The colours for the month are orange and purple.

In order to open your heart, to follow your heart and to allow yourself to receive, you have to stand in your own power. Too often we do things because of someone else.

We may take a job purely for the money, when really we want to follow our passion.

1st Week: work with purple and orange – this combination helps you to find where you are being a puppet and who is pulling your strings. This week will be a longer week of 1st – 9th. In other weeks, colour changes will start on the Saturday.

2nd Week: work with orange and work on what you need to change. The message and energy for the second week is change through choice.

3rd Week: this week we will be working with purple to gain strength, knowledge and belief in our goals and ourselves.

4th Week: use orange to work on change through choice – the power of the mind making wise choices to create powerful changes.

Bird of Paradise

The energy of Bird of Paradise is a plant that you need to be careful of in your garden.  A beautiful plant but one that connects to the mind set of being tempted.  You know the phase the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  You really have to be careful if you have this plant on the right hand side of your front entry if you are looking from the door to the outside.  I often find people who are not doing what is best for themselves will have this plant also if the person is constantly being a puppet on a string to everyone’s else’s needs.

Animals for the month

The Blue Wren

The Grosbeck

In February you will be moving into the energy of the dog, but that will not take place until after 16th February, so we need to work with one of two birds for February and allow the dog to be our animal for the month in March.

Which bird you choose is dependent on what you feel you need.

With the power of the 13/4 you can totally break free of a pattern or habit that is holding you back from your highest potential, goals or dreams.

If it is a habit or pattern that you need to work on the most this month , then work with the energy of the Grosbeak.

The Grosbeck

Often the family create the patterns in our lives that can hold us back. The grosbeck will show you where you are following a family pattern that is holding you back from the future or stopping your pure energy flow.

This pattern can also go back to a past life. If you feel you have strong connections of a past life, then this bird will help to set you free.

He can help you heal from a past wound that is still open and bleeding.

The other animal for the month is the Blue Wren.

Blue Wren

I love the energy of the blue wren as he totally shows you how to be smart about getting to the top of the mountain – how to reach your full potential.

He is also great at showing you the true tribal energies you belong to.

You can either work with just one of the birds or, if you feel you need a little of both energies, start off with the Grosbeck and then in the last two weeks move to the Blue Wren.

Working with the Energy of the Moon

With this year being an eleven/two energy you will find it very beneficial to follow the new and full moons. Know when the moon is waning and when it is waxing.

By being in tune with the moon you are moving in alignment and working with earth’s energies.

If you are in a waning moon energy and you are trying to increase instead of letting go, you are working against the energies.

Letting go can also be a form of increasing – it is the mind’s energies that need to know the difference.

For example if you are letting go of jobs that do not serve you, you are, at the same time, increasing your time to allow you to do what you should be doing in order to increase health, love or wealth in your life.

There are several moon calendars out there so find one that it is easy to read and connect to.

I will also try to keep you up to date each month.

Meditation for the month

Our meditation this month is working with a square, then cutting the square in half.

We will work with the Ho’oponopono words (Hawaiian prayer), which I find are excellent in helping to find the answers to set you free to collect your goals.

How to work with a square:

  • Draw a square
  • Draw a diagonal line from one point to the opposite point to then make two triangles.
  • On the top triangle write out your goal
  • On the bottom triangle write out what is your prize for the goal eg: one of my goals is to sell my unit – so in the top triangle is the sale of my unit and in the bottom triangle is freedom to travel, adventure, growth, sharing
  • Once you have completed your drawing, then work on the breath. Draw the breath in and across with the Ho’oponopono words “I love you, I am sorry”
  • Release the breath and finish off the side of the square and along the bottom with the words “please forgive me, thank you”
  • Next visualize the line across the square diagonally and the square being divided.
  • You are free to have your prize. If you find it hard to cut the square or to see it separate, this will indicate a blockage that we need to work on.

I will host an online meditation on Tuesday 6th February at 7.30pm to move you quickly along this month.

Aroma to go with your meditation

Working with fragrances and the breath.

When you work with fragrance and the breath you are combining two action steps.  Our sense of smell can take the mind to amazing places.  Back to our childhood to wonderful memories.  Our minds can move on but the simple scent of a particular aroma can take you straight back to a memory that has been forgotten.  Take you back to an energy that you loved and have not felt for a long time.

Each month I will give you one or two fragrances to work with.  You are welcome to choose others that will help you open your heart to receiving.

The fragrances to work with our meditation for this month are orange and basil.


The energy of orange will help you find new ways of opening doors that have been hard to open.   New ways in finding, love,  money, success or recognition.  Orange also helps you adapt to change that you knows needs to take place.


I love basil for decision making.  When I know I need to make a decision but a little confused about which way to go, I will work with basil knowing that if I link directly to my intuition I will have the best answers for me.

Basil should not be used during pregnancy

You can either have an oil burner, a room diffuser or take a breath directly from the bottle.  I have found lately that I will place a bottle of orange in the car so each time I am heading out in the morning I will take three deep breaths in and then repeat I allow new energies into my life today.  You can guarantee I always meet new people.

Affirmation for the month


 I choose to be at my best

I choose to reach my full potential

I choose to be the driver of my car and the driver of my life

I choose to open my heart to love and my hands to receive

I choose to look with love, grace and wonder at each day

Each day is a new day with new golden opportunities coming my way

The best of everything is on the way to me

The pathway is clear

 This affirmation comes to a six energy, which is great for re-building to new heights.

 Six is a great energy in connection to real estate, business, love and finances.

Cause and Effect

Try one of our WOW Ball Games.

This is a super game to release from the past or remove an obstacle in your way.

Select a coloured rubber ball.

Find a partner to play with if you can, then simply play handball.

Before you start, be clear with each other what answers you need from the past that may be stopping you from achieving your goals for the future.

The other game is to work with your ball against a wall stating an affirmation as you go.

This combination of two exercises saw Katie move into her job after so many applications and getting nowhere.

When we played handball, she connected to always working hard at sport and music, where she had been selected for state or national championships but at the last minute something would happen and she would not be able to go.

So in her mind she always lived on the second last floor – she never made it to the top.

It made sense that she would always make it to interviews, right down to the last couple of candidates, but then the job would go to the other person.

Once we had worked on the past connection, this broke the mind energy connection and she was offered a position within two days.

Have fun with the ball; let me know what colour you selected. Post your game in our group.

Maybe I will get to play ball with you soon.



Crystals for the month


Amethyst is great for healing and belief in yourself.

Massage a piece of amethyst in meditation or when writing out affirmations if you struggle with addictions or over indulgence.

You can also wear a piece of amethyst and dedicate to healing your addiction or over indulgence.

A very spiritual stone which can open up psychic gifts, intuition and into your true nature.


Malachite is to open the heart to allow all the energies in your chakras to flow easily.

The first three chakras are the material side of life. Until these chakras are taken care of and fully satisfied, the heart will not open to allow the spiritual energy to flow.

It is when you are heart and soul connected that you have all the wealth of life – both material and spiritual.


Are You Up for a little Challenge?


Time for a challenge to get motivated and disciplined to create that positive mind which pulls you into perfect alignment.

Being a thirteen/four energy, steps will be our challenge.

How many steps can you climb this month either in time or number of steps?

How high a flight of steps can you go up?

My aim is to host a stair climb in Sydney, Brisbane and Newcastle.   I really hope you can join me.

If you think we can get a group to do a stair climb in your area let me know – It is time Australia started to be Warriors of Wellbeing.

At our course on 17th and 18th February at Roma Street parklands in Brisbane, we will host a stair climb in the course.


Inspiration, Motivation, Education & Adventure

Events in February

Celebration of Chinese New Year Wollombi 24th & 25th – you can come for workshop, dinner or Sunday morning adventure – the choice is yours.

Online Meditation – Zip to success – 13th 7.30pm NSW time.

Train Your Brain 2 Day Workshop Brisbane – 17th & 18th February – Classroom and Outdoor – First the power of knowing you through numbers.  Learning the power of the mind through body movements – walking and stairs – how to work with the WOW Ball games to finding blockages, answers and release from the past.  Environment how they affect our minds and how to create change.

Stair – Walk Challenge – Armidale –  6th Feb -Join me for a power mind body session 6.30am – 7.30am

Snap Fitness – Cessnock –  8th Feb – Power mind body session in the Gym – how to work the mind and the body for total transformation

Collaroy Northern Beaches – 11th Feb – Power mind body session – stairs and hills