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Chris Brazel

Property Consulting

Selling your property can be a great experience.  I love the journey of finding the solution to why your property is not selling.  You have a property on the market and no matter what or how you have tried to sell the property the sale is just not happening.  This is when I will step in and work with you to work through the issues, find the right agent, work with you on the marketing, styling and mentor you to the contract and sale.  I believe it is the owner who really sells the property.  The agent plays an important role but the actual sale comes when the owner allows the property to be sold.

Property Consulting in conjunction with an agent.  This is a great way to work – it allows the agent to do what he or she is best at and leaves the emotional side to me.  Selling your property or purchasing a property is an huge decision to be make.  How it works either the owner will engage me or the agent will engage me to help with the sale.  I will work through with the owner what needs to be carried out work wise, styling wise with the property.  I will assist the agent in selection of pictures, marketing material and advertising.  We all work together as a team to create the sale.

An agent cannot do what I can do.  The agent has an important role to play in inspections, advertising and negotiating.  He or she does not have the time or expertise to work through the emotions of the owner.  I virtually become the sounding board.

Property consulting also comes into play when a person is searching for the perfect place to buy.  I will work with them to ensure that the energy relating to the property is a positive energy and the property being purchased will help them to grow to a better life.



Best contract:

M:          Australia:               041 2701 408

M:         International       +61 41 2701 408

Meet Susan – her property sold within a week after styling and changing agents

Meet Michael – his property was in Holland and he was living in Australia.  The property had been on the market for three years no interest.  Both the agent and Michael were getting frustrated.  I met with Michael on the Saturday then the following Wednesday property sold.

Meet Donna her property had been on the market for some time.  She thought it would never sell.  I gave her a list of things to follow through and do.  It was when she completed the last task that the contract came through.

Tina’s house was a great one to sell.  Short lead up plan with Peter her agent.  Day of auction one bidder deal sealed.  The super thing about Tina’s home is that most agents want to spend a fortune on the marketing of the home.  When speaking with Peter I felt the buyer was within a few blocks of the home so that is where we kept the marketing so very little was needed to be spent.   Sure enough the buyer lived two blocks away.

Rosa and I have worked together on many occasions.  Always a pleasure to work with her.  We always get results.

Tina’s house was a great one to sell.  Short lead up plan with Peter her agent.  Day of auction one bidder deal sealed.  The super thing about Tina’s home is that most agents want to spend a fortune on the marketing of the home.  When speaking with Peter I felt the buyer was within a few blocks of the home so that is where we kept the marketing so very little was needed to be spent.   Sure enough the buyer lived two blocks away.



  • Are you really selling or just playing
  • Agents who are friends do not always work
  • Check out the success of the agent
  • You will be drawn to an agent in the same energy space as to the sale of your property
  • If you really do not want to sell don’t waste the agents time or your money in marketing a property that is not the market for sale.
  • Be confident about the price
  • Prepare the home for sale
  • Toss out – some things will need to go. The sooner you start to toss out the quicker the sale
  • Clean the windows
  • It is so important to repair what needs to be repaired
  • Be careful of the date you place the house on the market for sale.  Dates tell a whole story about the success
  • Have clear communication with your agent 
  • Have clear communication with your marketing material – what are you really saying in your marketing material
  • Be careful of how much you spend on marketing 
  • With your marketing expenses are you promoting the sale of  the home or promoting your agent and his business
  • Pay attention to the sale of your home
  • Do what you need to do and then let the agent or the universe do the rest
  • Be ready and prepared to always do what is best for you – often an agent will talk you into the sale and price when you know you can do better
  • The final sale takes place once the money is paid – you need to stay focused all the way to the bank.  I often see contracts fall over when the seller looses focus on the deal
  • Most of all stay in control – remember you are the one who owns the property and you are the one selling.  Don’t be bullied or harassed or push into the fear of not being able to sell



As soon as you have signed with your agent to sell your property, signed off on the marketing material and promotions, your time comes for you to create the sale.  For, at the end of the day it is really the owner who sells and allows the property to be sold.

It is time to say good bye to the home and prepare the home for the new owners.  The styling of your home moves you out and the new buyers in.

Styling to sell is an art.  It is not about the latest fashion , colours or styling it is about linking the energy of your home to the buyer waiting to purchase.  I have seen many a disaster created by home stylish.   One client in particular lived in Cronulla.  Her home had been on the market for nearly 12 months when she contacted me.  She had spend an absolute fortune of home styling recommended by the agent along with a massive expensive marketing campaign all in vain.  The rental of the furniture for the styling was $5,000.00 alone never mind all the other expenses.  By the time she had contacted me she was up to $30,000.00 –  money she could not afford.

The first thing I did was move all the furniture out and stopped that wasted expense.  The next I changed the pictures on the internet, the wording and the marketing material.  I tried to keep everything to very little expense.  Once I was happy with that I worked with her subconscious and the sale.  That was where the problem was.  She was really not ready to sell.   It took four weeks but we got a brilliant sale and a  happy client who was ready to move on with her life.   Please, please always be careful of the cost an agent tells you needs to be paid to sell your home.  Often you are promoting more of the agent and their business then the actual sale of your property


How much do you really need to spend to sell?


Tina’s home is a great example of how little you have to spend in marketing

I loved working with Tina and the sale of her property.  Peter from Real Direct Real Estate brought me on board.  He knew that Tina was moving through a few emotions with the sale of her property and that by working with me in the styling and a few coaching sessions we would have an easy sale.  Peter and I also knew that the buyer would come within a few blocks of where the home was situated. So we spend a small amount of money on brochures and distributed only in the close proximity of the home. One large sign out the front of the home.  It was placed on the internet and that was it.  Sure enough the buyer came from a home two blocks away.  We only worked with a three week lead up to auction day.  The house sold that day which was great.


Love Where You Live Home Styling Courses

Love Where You Live ™ Home Styling courses are great for the career person or for someone who simply wants to create a great feeling of peace and harmony in their home.


Courses are held in Sydney, Brisbane and  Gold Coast.  With each of the courses you have practical training to ensure your success in the home styling industry.



The Energy Behind a House Number

Know the number of your home, know the energy behind that number.  You will then know where the energy may be trapped either in selling the home or in creating a feel good feeling within the home.

Let me give you an example.  For a number one home you start with the energy flow in the bedroom, the windows and the mail box.  When a person is selling they are changing their identity.  The are closing one door and preparing to open a new door.


Meet Jan and Michael who both needed to sell their property.