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Secrets to Access Coding

Everyone has access to what they want they simply resist or block their access.  Access Coding shows you how to step sideways and unblock your pathway so you can walk to a great life of wealth, love, peace and happiness.

Secrets to Access Coding takes you on a journey with Lisa O’Grad who is now on our board of members and a team leader to help other women achieve what she has achieved.  In 2017 Lisa decided she wanted to be debt free.  This we accomplished within six months.  No mortgage, no credit cards and money in the bank.  A single mum who had struggled for such a long time was now free to move to her dreams.

As soon as Lisa had achieved her goal of being debt free and having financial freedom she started to put on the weight – with her personal coding the weight went exactly where it was expected to go.  She also tried to start her own business.  No matter what she did the weight kept increasing and the business would not move – doors would not open.

Even if a friend would open the door as soon as Lisa arrived to do her thing the door would close and she would be blocked again.

This year in Hawaii Lisa is coming to unblock the weight and lose 12 kg – she will also work on her career and her business.

You will be able to follow Lisa and her journey.  Enjoy.


Lisa O’Grady

Let the journey begin.

We will start out on 8th November, 2018 heading to Hawaii.

8 Days in Hawaii we will work on the weight gains and her new business venture

She has 12 kg to lose and a new venture to open the doors to.

Lisa’s Driving Code

The driving code is making sure you are in the right place at the right time with the right people with the education you have gained over the years.

With Lisa’s she has a seven code so water is her best friend.  Hence her trip to Hawaii in 2017 saw her get debt free and financial freedom she paddled boarded each day – from close to shore to out of her comfort zone.

When you step out of your comfort zone you start to create a new adventure.


The Mind Body and Environment Energy Connection

What the mind thinks, the body feels and your environment will reflect.

You are a product of your environment, you create your environment subconsciously and your subconscious reflects your mood, attitude and feelings.

The key secret to you access coding your wealth, your happiness, your passion and most importantly your health is to step sideways.  Out of the emotions into the doing and then into collecting.


Are You Ready to Start to Access Code?

Access Coding

Step 1

Step One is always have a very clear intention to what it is that you want to access.

You can work on one goal or two but allow any other goals to fall into place once you have the 1st step.

Once you start to move into alignment you will find other goals that you have in mind will just start to come to fruition.

Access Code Word

Choose one or two words that will link you to your natural code to take you to your goals.

Eg Sally Bird who achieved within 12 weeks sale of house, purchase of new home, new career for hubby and a new career for herself.  Financially back on track with a great future.

Her Access Code word started as “fun”.  After a week she got to the core of what her problem was so changed her code word to “stability”.  Within days of working with her code word “stability” she realised that they really didn’t enjoy living where they were living.  She was amazed how much money they had made on the home and by selling they could move into financial freedom.  They put the house on the market sold first open house.  The agents thought she would get around $1.750 million – she got 1st offer no negotiating needed $1.311 million.  Then when they bought their new home she put in an offer $70,000 less then what the sellers wanted – she got the house.  Amazing financial success.

Your Access Code word will often link to your natural code – see the connection of your goal and your natural code.

Day one in Hawaii

We had a super flight over and immediately into Access Coding.

The clue to being blocked will be in the last two digits of the year that you were born.  When we looked at Lisa the last two digits were 65 so 6+5 = 11/2.

Once we talked about the two energy Lisa realised that every career change or position that she had which came easily was associated with the two energy.  The two energy is all about being involved with the welfare of the community.  She was a vet nurse and now she is now a community nurse.  So when ever she worked in a career that links her to being involved with the welfare of the community she is in perfect alignment.  When she was trying to be a home stylish for real estate or a real estate coach she was totally out of her coding.  Lisa has no real estate codes so it now makes sense why she was hitting her head against a wall and getting no where.

Always know you unblocking code – the unblocking code is taking the last two digits of the year that you were born.  Eg Lisa 1965 so 65 which is 6+5 = 11 = 1+1 = 2.  The two energy is always being involved in some way with the welfare of the community.  Now when you add that to the five for her lucky code it connects to water.  I know Lisa needs to be heading to coaching or teaching in some form to change lives  through water activities or sports.  Watch this space.

Now work out your unblocking code.

Day One natural codes, Access Code Word and Unblocking Codes

Access Code Word

The Access Code word we have come up with is

“partnerships”.  Partnerships also links into her unblocking code of 2.

Lisa realised that she is tired of doing things by herself – so a partner in life generally.

The stepping in working as a team in partnerships with her career.

1st Colour for the 1st day is Turquoise.

Before heading to bed tonight we are working with a foot bath to release and let go of blocks or beliefs that are holding Lisa back.

A 10 minute turquoise bath salts with sandlwood will be a super release of the mind blocks and body blocks.

I always suggest that when you come to Hawaii for healing it is best to select new pjs.

When you sleep you release and you heal.  Working with the colours and energies of your pjs simply helps you move quickly to your Goals

This trip my pjs suggestion is pale blue with pink – this combination is the breath of love.

How Did You Go?

What Truths do You need to Face?

Make a written commitment of action to be on track

What do you Really want?

What is not working in your life?

What do you love to do and not doing?

Are you over indulging in food, alcohol or prescription drugs?

Day 2 how did Lisa go?

Your Force Code – what pushes you through the door when you are resisting what you are entitled to have in life?

Your force code is a great code to work with when you are resisting what you want in life.  Your force code takes your natural character aspects then works with the people you have met, the education you have gained then pushes you through the door you want to go through but have denied yourself access.

To work out your force code take the day + the month + the year that you were born and reduce to a single digit.  Then check out Train Your Brain to work out your colours, area in the home, body part or animal to work with.

Lisa’s mind body day.

30 mins walking in water with affirmation

Then 20 minutes working a square in the water to face where she self sabotages in her life.

Followed by 3 x 27 sec plans working towards 3 x 3 minute planks for self esteem and self worth

30 Push ups for stomach and shoulders for self esteem and strength and belief in herself.

Tree work – learning against a tree to allow the body to feel support

10 figure eights with the tree to work on connecting to clients.

Followed by an amazing massage for 1 hour.

The day finished with a sunset, music and dinner by the sea.

With the results Lisa is seeing Deb is now ready to start her journey and go to the next level.

I hope Lisa is inspiring you to do the same.  Deb is an amazing lady who helps other women with health problems who has joined us in Hawaii.

Step 2

Your Natural Code

You cannot change anything with this code.  It is there for life

Work with this code and life will become so much easier.  You know what you naturally need so hence you are sitting in alignment,

Know the colours to work with, the energies, the room in the home, the body which will be affected health wise

Exercises to use, meditations to work with.

Step 3

Step 3 is looking at your path code.

The path code is connecting you to the people you meet and the education you gain.

Being in the right place at the right time.

When you want to work with this code again you connect to the colours, energies, area in the home, body work, mind meditation.

WOW Lisa is moving ahead in leaps and bounce – the confidence and clarity amazing.

Day 5 we worked on doing something new that Lisa has never done before?

When you want to move into something new you need to do something you have never done before.

Today I took Lisa Kayaking in the ocean and on the river.  The best thing was we both realised with her 2 unblocking code that having the two paddles opened her lungs more.  She also felt more balanced moving from side to side.  Today was a super challenge and experience to move closer to her goals.  Her social media presence is growing – just by itself – no advertising just being in the knowing of who she is and what she has to offer.  Silent power in presence of being.  Today as we were kayaking I asked about her branding and her business cards.

Now normally Lisa tries to do it all herself to save the dollars.  Today when I asked she immediately said I think I will leave it up to you and Rebecca.  You both are the experts.  Just as she said that we saw three ducks enter the water.  Ducks represent doing what is best for you.

Lisa has already realised that you need to do what you do best but leave other things to the experts.  You can’t do everything yourself.

Well done – I was really proud of her when she had no hesitation in handing over her branding.  I think she already feels that she will be successful in her new business hence to hand over her brand just makes sense so she has the best.  Sure it will have a small cost but at the end of the day often doing things yourself you create lost and huge costs.

What do you need to hand over to the experts that you are trying to do yourself.  Everyone is unique in their own way.  When you focus on what you do great and allow others do what they do great you start to create a dynamic team.

See you tomorrow.

Are you ready to try something new?

Remember to be new then you need to change something to new.

Day 6 with Lisa

This morning I worked with Lisa in valuing her time as well as setting herself free.

With her 21 coding as her path and natural code breathing is important using her lungs and speaking up.

What I have found the most over the last few days that she is definitely speaking up especially to the other ladies who are really wasting time in different ways.

This morning I worked with the butterfly meditation.  With the butterfly meditation you learn that there is no competition in life.  What you need to do is fine your own way.  When a butterfly lands on a flower or a tree they are not in competition they are simply sharing.

Ask yourself do you feel you are in competition with another person or with life?  Are you trying to do or be who you are not?

After we finished the butterfly mediation we then walked in the water ankle deep to work on the direction Lisa wanted to head.  We then swam 150 metres down the ocean swim to open her lungs and to work through emotions.  She made it all the way – as she realised when she got out it is not about how fast you go it is about finishing what you started.  Take is slow and steady.  She was really proud of herself for completing the swim.  Even I felt tired after the ocean swim.

Today was an awesome day.  So powerful Lisa found clothes that really represent her and what she will wear when consulting.

The thing I was most impressed with she actually purchased two shirts in acts of faith to represent the guy who is coming into her life.  Up to this stage Lisa has been happy being single.  Working with her coding and acknowledging that her unblocking code is a two energy she really needs a partner in her life.  So two shirts I was totally impressed.  I can’t wait to see who the guy is as with all the roosters that have been turning up over the last few days he is not that far away.

I am trying to load our last video for the trip but having a few problems.  I will try again – if all fails I will load when I return to Australia on 16th.

I hope you are enjoying Lisa’s journey and see how confidence, focused and clear she is getting each day.  When you are confident focused and clear on what you want the universe can deliver easily and quickly.

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