Access Coding to win with Depression

Learn easy practical ways to train your mind to create a happy healthy mind.

||Access Coding – Ways to win with Depression and Mental Health
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Access Code,Colour and TrainYour Mind

Train Your Mind to be Happy

Our mind is a powerful.  It can either work for us or against.

Over my research for the past 19 years I have found that there are two codes that people who suffer depression or anxiety will have.

Know where these two codes sit in your life then you will have the answers on how to win with your mind.  How to take back control of your life and start to create the changes you want, need and desire.


One Day Course to a Happy Healthy Mind

This one day course could be your turning point in life.

Date:    28th April

Time:    10.00am – 4.00pm

Venue:    Turning Point Studio, Wollombi

Cost:    $145.00

Creating the Turning Point in Your Life

No more self sabotage – it is time to take control of your destiny and Your Mind

The Day:

  • Do you have the depression or anxiety codes?
  • How to work with these two codes
  • How to work with your unblocking code to remove obstacles within the mind?
  • How to work with colour to train the mind
  • How to still the mind when it won’t stop and in a panic
  • Buddha Walking – a powerful tool
  • How to work with your environment to take back your life.
  • Mind Training using creativity and auto suggestion
  • 23 Day programme working with colour, your home, mind and body movement and auto suggestion
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The Mind Body and Environment Energy Connection

What the mind thinks, the body feels and your environment will reflect.

You are a product of your environment, you create your environment subconsciously and your subconscious reflects your mood, attitude and feelings.

The key secret to you access coding your wealth, your happiness, your passion and most importantly your health is to step sideways.  Out of the emotions into the doing and then into collecting.

Do You Need to Look at the Truth of Your Life?

What Truths do You need to Face?

Make a written commitment of action to be on track

What do you Really want?

What is not working in your life?

What do you love to do and not doing?

Are you over indulging in food, alcohol or prescription drugs?