Moffatdale Bounce 2 the Future

MINDFIT – The Butterfly Programme

Know your mind to train your mind to have what you want.

Dates: 20th & 21st November

Come Code, Colour, Conquer & Create

You have the choice of one day or both

Saturday Day One

Day One – 20th November – The Butterfly to Freedom

  • Brain Codes – What are brain codes?
  • How to Train your Mind to what you want
  • Colours and energies of working with colour
  • Create your Butterfly to Freedom
  • Learn colours, colour combinations and symbols
  • Your 27 day working with colour, your butterfly and affirmations.


Sunday Day Two

Move the Body to Move the Mind

Mind body movements to unblock the mind and to gain back power and confidence

Working with a ball to unblock minds and patterns.  Find answers from within.

Horse Therapy – working with the horse to release, let go and move forward.

Buddha Walking for confidence and power

Reversing to move away from blocks

Colour in the Home

Over the weekend I will teach you the mind and body connection to your home environment.  

What ever the mind is thinking the body is feeling and your environment is reflecting.

Let me teach you how to connect what is happening in your mind is being created in your home.

This is a fasinating, fun and best of all you can go home and makes changes that will automatically start to make changes in how you are feeling and what you are attracting in your life.

The Butterfly Programme

One Day one you will design and create your butterfly to what you want to change or create in your life.

You can join in for Day two and work on mind and body movements – totally optional.

After Day one you will work with your butterfly design and work with colour and affirmations over 27 days to open new doors and close old doors that you no longer want to work with.

Successful Designs with amazing rewards

I am always amazed at what people who have attended the course return with their rewards.

Why does this course work.  It works through creativity and the 27 days of discipline following the course.  You have a road map to work with.

Anna wanted to change careers.  After her butterfly 27 Day Programme she won a major prize in lotto.

Lisa needed to sell a $4.5 million home. She had split with her ex after he had an affair.  The house sold first inspection. The suprise. The husband gave her a $10,000 gift and bonus for working with him not against him.  She was certainly free.

Brenda Totally changed her life as you will hear.




Take your Mind on a journey of infinite possibilities.  You never know where the road can take you.

Colour and the mind with creativity is one of the most powerful tools in manifesting.

Moffatdale Butterfly MINDFIT weekend


You can pay for both days or just come for one.

2 Day Course which includes 27 Day action plane is $295.00. ( Normally this weekend programme is $495 but with the sponsorship of South Burnett Regional Council it is less.)

Individual days are $195.00 each

Two in a family – $540 for 2 days

Cost include course, codes, 27 day follow up plan, morning tea.

Please bring your lunch.

Huge Thank You to South Burnett Regional Council

Come visit Moffatdale and work on your mind, body and goals for the future.

This is a great opportunity this bootcamp to  take advantage of this weekend being sponsored by South Burnett Regional Council.

If you are feeling lost and unsure of the future this will be a super way to start to get the mind on track to a brighter future.

Life changes when you make a choice to change.  Come visit and work through the changes with me out in nature.

I know I can teach you about your mind, to know your mind and how to Bounce 2 a brighter future.

Become the driver and champion of your life.  


Chris Brazel