Numerology -The Power of Numbers & Colours

Numerology is the science of numbers and the power within each number and their place in your life.

A powerful course for the coach or person to kick off to Access Coding. 

Numerology is the working with the science of numbers.

We don’t realise how numbers link to our brain to how we think.

When you know your numbers you totally get to know you.  When you know the numbers of your clients you know exactly how their mind works and how you can help them make changes easily in their life. It is like you get to climb a mountain really easily.  You find door ways and pathways which blocked the person before now easy to open.

The Different Numbers

The Power of Numbers

  • How to calculate the numbers
  • The Natural Code
  • Path Code
  • Force Code
  • Destiny Code
  • Lucky Code
  • Unblocking Code
  • Time Code – year
  • Time Code – monthly


Numbers in a Family

When a family knows about the brain codes and how each family members mind works they have more understanding of the person.

Families start to work as a team instead of constantly bickering and fighting.

Colours and Numbers

Colours that Connect to the Individuals Personal Energy

Every number has a colour.

Learn what each colour represents both from a number energy as well as an element energy.

Learn what colours will empower the person and what colours will dis-empower them.

Birth Emotions

Why People Often Feel Blocked for No Reason

A person can go through life feeling like they are carrying a dead weight on their shoulders.

They find they can never get on top of life or the wealth in their life.

They are always coming in second best.

This feeling go back to them carrying a birth emotion.

Birth emotions can weigh a person down.  Learn about birth emotions and how to help a person move on.


 Unlocking the Brain

The unblocking code is an important code to work with.

Learn how to work out the code then what energies and colours to work with to release the person from the blocks that they have created within their mind.



House Numbers

Learn how to energy of house numbers.

Where to find the blocks for the person you are working with or coaching.

Learn what areas in the home will be blocked if the energy for the family is not flowing.

Does the home reflect what they want in life.

Do they match the energy of the home.

Should they purchase that home to move forward in life?


This Course has a great add on for you.

If you are kicking off on a new adventure working with numbers and wish to turn it into a business or maybe add to your existing business.  Chris Brazel will walk with you for the first month to help you keep on track.

If you wish to have further coaching you can join her coaching clients for $230.00 a session instead of the normal starting point of $590.00

Help with Business Brand Idenity if you need help with your Branding either for this as a new business or make changes in your existing business you can add the Add on Branding Pack for $490.00 instead of the normal $1500.00.    There are also specials for your website if you need help there.

When you Train with Me I love to Walk the new road with you.


The Course is Online and either one on one or in a group of less then 5.

Cost:   $2700

  • Includes:
  • The Course and course material
  • You have everything to follow after each session to be able to number crunch and code the person.
  • You have a license to use all the material in the course for your clients.  The only boundary is that each report it is stated that you are using the Chris Brazel System.


The length of the course depends on the people involved.  Some learn easily and quickly while others it takes a little time for the information to connect.

Normally there are 10 Session over 8 – 12 weeks.

Option – You can add on the additional Brand Package if you choose.  Please note this does not include graphic files for your brand or brand changes.

Please note that this course does not include the numerology energy of letters.  You have access to the energy of the letters when working with birth emotions or business names.  Let me know if you wish to discuss this further.







The Power of Numbers is amazing.

Once you learn the energy connection of the person to their brain and how their mind works you open an awesome way to work and coach people.

Great when working with children and families.

Working with children is so rewarding to be able to speak to the child and let the child know you know how they feel without them saying a word.


Date we kick off for the 2022 Online Course – 17th January & 24th January.  You have the choice of either dates.

Chris Brazel