Move the feet You move the mind You Change Your Life

Today’s energy is all about feet, mindset, belief and perception.  The negative is drainage.

But lets focus on the positives of the 25/7 energy and use the positives to change the negatives

I had a super time on Saturday morning I joined in the Park Run 5 km walk or run in Armidale.

I have not been running for years, in fact since my hip replacement.  I surprised myself I actually ran most of the way at just over 6 minute kms.  Not as fast as I used to run but then again having not run in years I was happy with that.  You always need a starting point.  Once you decide on the date and the starting point, you then just take one step at a time you reach goals.

The first magical thing that happens just before I headed for my run.  I was looking for a book when I opened a draw that I had not opened in ages, and there in the draw was a bag of joiners which I have been looking for and could not find.  I needed them to put a bed together.  Without the joiners no bed.

When you do something for yourself that you know is right for you – there is always rewards in one way or another.  So my first reward I found an item that had been lost but now found.

What did I learn from the run – heaps

First – I decided to carry my phone and a bottle of water.  It was only 5 km.  I really did not need to carry the water.  That is carrying extra weight which could have slowed me down.

Lesson One – check today if you are carrying people or things that you do not need to carry.  Items and often some people can just slow you down and drain you.  They can stop you from crossing the finishing line.

Second –  You always have something left in the tank – don’t give up before you actually finish and cross the line.  About 1 km from the finishing line my mind said I was tired, the body was still moving, I thought that was sufficient.  Then to my surprise Nicole came up in her bright water melon shirt and said that she and her son had been using me for a marker to keep going.  They wanted to get pass me.  I thought for a moment.  Game on.  So I picked up the legs they were not that tired after all and took off. Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get you going to the max.

Lesson Two – Don’t stop short of your goals and the finishing line – you will always have something left in the tank.  Don’t allow the mind to play games and tell you that you are tired when you are not.  Or tell you can’t do something when you can.

Third – Making it to the end and crossing the finishing line was fabulous.  You really feel like you have accomplished something.  You had a starting point and you had a finishing point.

Lesson Three –  It is so important to have starting and finishing points.  That is what makes the mind grow stronger.  When we just wander around we get wandering results.  One great exercise is when you have a meal, wash the dishes, dry the dishes and put the dishes away.  One simple exercise could results in massive rewards.  I see lots of people talk about manifesting –  it is easy – anyone can do it.  You don’t need lessons you simply need to open your heart, do what is best for you, set a goal and follow through. The rest just happens.

This week I have a little challenge for you –  Let’s all walk together.  Now I know you maybe in different towns but if we all pledge to walk 3 – 5 km each day.  Moving the feet to move the mind which in turns moves our lives along to the new and abundant life.  If at the same time we set two intentions – one intention to our goals and dreams knowing that is where we are walking to.  The second intention to help people who may be suffering depression.  Depression I believe starts when you have no goals, no purpose or love in your life.

Face book if you are up for the challenge.  Daisy, Willie, Ivory, Jazzie and Sweet pea all did their walk this morning for the cause.

I was so proud of this mum.  She took her little daughter all the way.  Super to see the little girl crossing the finishing line –  I think mum may have enjoyed weight training on the way.  Super way to create bonding with mother and daughter.  Must better then the old IPad that you see mums just give their kids to keep them quite.

What is coming up:

Brisbane –  Park Run – walk with me the 5km and then have breakfast and celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Love to meet with you, have some fun exercise and a wonderful chat to open the new year.

Newcastle –  Winning in 2016 – Celebrate Chinese New Year on 10th February.  This is going to be a winning night with prizes which include free retreat in Hawaii.  You will also learn reversing life, and best of all the “shake it off movement”  no more carrying anything or anyone who drains you.

Sydney – Winning in 2016 with The Butterfly Programme –  Your journey to freedom and your goals.  Starts Friday evening on 26th and two intensive days 27th and 28th.  If you want to loose weight, find your self esteem, personal power.  Get on top of the credit cards and finances.  Maybe you just want to find your soul mate.  This boot camps is super amazing and open doors to what ever you want.  Last boot camp one lady wanted financial freedom – she ended up winning a major prize in Lotto.  Another wanted to loose weight she lost 9 kg and loosing great.

Have an awesome week –  Remember move the feet and watch the magic come to life.

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