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Next Online Meeting 19th June

Winning with the Mind

You can win over depression, anxiety, panic attacks – you can help your child and you can help your family all have a great life.


Dates:   19th June, 2024

Online by Zoom

Time:      7.30pm – 9.00pm

Cost:   $28.50 includes – Meeting, Tips and Henry C – Book for you and your children (Download)

10 Top tips to Help You Win


Join Chris Brazel and 3 Amazing Mums who know how to win to help their children, themselves and their families win with life.

Life will have it ups and downs – Always know that there are ways you can win taking control and taking one step at a time with a plan that works.

Helping You Child Train their Brain

Learn about your child’s brain codes.

Learn the tips that connects to the codes to help them understand why they think the way they do.

Learn Tips for your Child’s Room which helps them feel great

There is both an art and a science behind each of Chris Brazel’s designs for children’s room.  The colours on the wall, the position of their bed.  ART work for the walls.  Everything in your child’s bedroom affects their mind, their feelings.

Tips for Anxiety &

Panic Attacks – Mood Swings


The Power of working with colours for the mind.  Colours helps the child make conscious choices.


Learn what oils will work best for you and your child.  How to work with the oils.

The Ball and Brain

Bouncing a ball is an amazing way to help move the mind from anxiety and panic to the present moment.  Learn one unique ball combination.


Water can work for the body in so many ways.  Teach your child the importance of the water he drinks each day and how that relates to his choices.

Discipline and Routine

I find the most powerful way to give a child support and confidence is discipline with a routine.  That way they know boundaries and actually feel safe and secure.

Creativity -ART

Learn how easy you can teach a child to draw with the dot and a stroke.  A powerful way where the child forgets the need for perfection and allows creativity to enter the mind.

Meet Chris Brazel

The most powerful Ultra Mind Coach you will find.  Chris Brazel starts with your Brain Codes a coding system that no other coach can do.  Within minutes she will tell you everything about you, your life, how you think the way you do.  She will work out your Matrix and show you right through to the time and day your meeting has taken place how everything lines up.  It is rather scary sometimes to see the dots join in such an amazing way.  Be ready when you met Chris Brazel to embrace the changes that she can help you with in your life and your family.  When you work with Chris Brazel you step into the unique person you are where there is no competition you step into success and the wealth that you deserve to have while on earth.

One Zoom Meeting Can Open Doors For You

One zoom meeting could be just what you need to find answers and solutions to how to help your child find their way.  To become focused, confident and to love life to the full.  To move on from the arguments, moods swings and tears with emotions to a smile and co-operative.

Luca’s Mum will be at the Meeting.

The whole family’s life changed when little Luca came on board and learnt about his brain codes, his room, how to bounce a ball.  How to work with crystals and best of all go up 100% in his reading.

Tom’s Mum will be at the Meeting

Meet Tom’s mum who has worked with our systems and programmes for herself, her business and her children.  Sharon is winning in so many ways.  She finds it fun, easy and always gets results.


"When I work with Chris Brazel I know change is on the way. I know that a door will open. It always does. Even better I always get results."

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