Never Give Up – The Choice is Yours

Today we have the energy of 11/21. A day to listen to what is being said both by others as well as your inner shelf. The biggest energy of today is about “CHOICE”. The 21 energy is all about end of struggle as well as extremely lucky.

Make the right choices today and see what serendipity starts to take place to start a domino effect to a new you.

Never Give Up – Comes back to choice. We can often fail the first time at an attempt to do something or achieve something. The choice is our whether we give it another go. I say always gives what you want to do another go.

I always find it amazing how horses can teach you so much. I hope one day you get to experience my form of horse therapy.

Last week Daisy hurt her foot. My inner voice said tie her up but I walked over to Willie instead. A car drove up and Daisy ran up the hill. As she went up she really hurt her foot. I did not listen, so hence a larger problem.

The foot had to be bathed then padding and a bandage to help her walk. My first attempt lasted only an hour and it was off. So I called Lea who came and fixed it for me. A few days later I needed to do it again. I had a go but it came off, this time it lasted a little longer.

Yesterday, guess what Daisy’s foot had to be bathed and bandaged. Great results and best of all it is still on. I have won the battle of learning how to bandage.

I could have given up and just called Lea. But I had a choice, listen and learn then take action. I never gave up on something I wanted to do and achieve.

Be mindful of your choices today. Make choices which you know will put you on the path to perfect your wellbeing and lifestyle.

If you need any help with choices in life or business then give me a call and we can get you sorted. You may like to join me at the Winning in Life Course, Jan 2016.

Have an awesome day.

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