Nourishment =the luck you want to invite into your life

Today we have the 5th nourishment and change force energy 15 which is like winning the lottery.

5/15 – Day to work on heart connections to what nourishes you. Your life is your responsibility. The five energy is about having the freedom to be who you want to be and to what you want to do. When you get heart connected a whole new world opens to you. A world where miracles just happen. Today would be the perfect day to work on one simple action step of choice through your diet which nourishes you. Is there something in your diet that you know is not good for you? Is there something that you should add to your diet? Today either remove what does not nourish you or add what you know you need.

The food you eat each day links immediately to your subconscious to the value you place on your life, your goals,your dreams and your future.

Today I am at the Buck Brannaman Clinic in Tamworth. Best of all I have my sister Sue with me and her grand-daughter Lailah.

Remember how I had natural horsemanship on my vision board for 2015. I put down an Australian clinic but in my heart I wanted to attend a Buck clinic. Because I was so heart connected I never got to an Australian clinic but on a trip back from Sydney on 28th I saw a sign at the Equine centre in Tamworth that Buck would be in Tamworth first week in Jan. best of all there were tickets available for me to attend.

Horses are so psychic. They know exactly what you are thinking and feeling. They know all your emotions. A horse can calm you or terrify you. They can empower you or take your power away.

My work with horses is totally to teach the power of thought to an action. If a horse can read you mind, if he can feel your emotions and know what is going on in your head how powerful would it be for you to know the same.

Often we do not realise what is actually going on in our heads or what we are thinking.

You may not have access to a horse or clinic your environment reflects the same. Want to learn more then join one if my courses.

Have a super day and as I said earlier work today on nourishment.

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