Every single person has a brain code.  When you know your brain code you know how your mind works.

Chris Brazel Coding System

Over 23 years of research, proven results with real people.

My Coding Systems link to mathematical science of numbers.  Then the numbers connect to aligorthm.  I researched the energy connection of the mind to the body to the environment.  How the unique brain code of a person links to what they will do and what they will attract into their lives or businesses.  How to map out a person’s code to what they attract and how they will act and re-act to life.

A Powerful System with Powerful and Real Results
Answers from a Young Lad in a Park on a Walk

I was walking in this park and this young lad was walking towards me.  I saw his jumper and knew the design immediately.  It was exactly the same design that one of my very first major CEO’s gave me as an example of a little brochure I should hand out about my work.  As he said – there is no way to explain the uniqueness of your work.  How accurate it is and how it moves mountains.  The design was that of Mt Fuji in Japan.

The young boy walked past, and I thought I missed that moment of opportunity to connect with him.  Then in a second, I made a wish that I could have the opportunity to speak with him about his design.  There was a soul link there.  As it was, I decided to walk back through the park and sure enough here comes the boy back with his mum.  This time I took the opportunity to speak.  I commented on his sweater.  We got chatting and before you know it, I coded his brain.  His comment – WOW you know how I think and why.  His mum’s comment.  I have learnt more about my son in 5 minutes with you than 20 years of living with him.

Then the moment which was the treasure.  I mentioned about people not connecting it to science and some of the higher levels of people thinking rubbish.

His reply was:

Science is where you take a problem, you research the problem to find the common dominator then you come up with a solution.

You then take that solution, and you test it with your subject.  Once proven over a certain number and people agree and start to use and follow the system.  It is then you have stepped into the world of SCIENCE and are entitled to speak and lead your formulas to the world.

I gave the biggest thank you.  He was so right.

I have taken a problem.  I had researched.  I had proven results with thousands not hundreds of people with real results which were totally successful. People now followed my work in more than 3 countries.

This was the comment I needed, not sure why but from that moment on – nobody messes with my codes or where I am entitled and worthy to stand on the world stage.

Fasinating Codes for You to see the Connection
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A small investment will help you re-set your whole mind every Monday to feeling great.  No more the blues or negative energies thinking that you will never be able to handle life.  Every Monday you have the opportunity to learn how to work colour, brain spaces, mind body tips, meditations and more to own your life and be in charge of your life.  It is fun, easy to follow and best of all you are part of an awesome community of like minded people moving ahead in life in leaps and bounds.


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