Numbers - Empowerment and Success

Join me for an awesome weekend learning the ancient mathematical science of numbers

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Number Coding – Empowerment and Success

 Numbers are not just numbers they connect to a scientific mathematical with core problem solving and solutions.  Numbers tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They have the ability to take you directly to the core of a problem.

Everything in your life right at this very moment is number based.  You live according to numbers in time.  The building you are living and working in was built to specific numbers and measurement.  Your day is based on numbers of hours, minutes and seconds.  We as humans simply do not connect enough to map out our own personal life or business.  Once you do you will be astounded by the energy connections and serendipity of events.

When you work with numbers you have the ability to map out a person’s life and best of all you have the ability to help change that person’s life to what they really want to attract and create for their future – not what they think they have to accept.

Numbers empower you through acknowledgment, acceptance, truth, choice and action.

Everything in life is simply energy.  Numbers are a form of energy you can work with easily and effectively.

When you learn how to work, read and create the ultimate energy for you and your family, manifesting and attracting what you want in life is easy.  You start to live a WOW Life.  

Best of all you can start to help others to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life at the same time.

This is a great course for personal use or you work towards a business in consulting or become an MBE Practitioner .

Great course for Personal Trainers, Business Consultants, Health Practitioners, Real Estate Agents

Numbers – Empowerment and Success

Knowing you through the eyes of numbers gives you power, energy, guidance, direction and most of all answers

Join me for this amazing course on the Numbers Empowerment and Success  

Learn the art of calculating and formatting a map for you yourself or your clients.  See what is really being created in your life and your clients life.  Have action steps that will help you move to your goals.

Numbers tell you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

They can guide you in a way where there is no doubt or confusion.  You have facts and figures in front of you so you can make an informed decision.

My life has never been the same since I came across this ancient mathematical science.  Best of all I have helped others to achieve their dreams, find their true purpose, get to the core of what is blocking them in health, wealth and success.

The energy of numbers give you the power to Knowing exactly who you are.  Adding colours helps you steer the boat to perfect destination for you.  They show you which road to travel when you feel lost.

When you can sit with a person who is feeling down ask them their date of birth then totally explain to them why they are feeling the way they are.  You take about the blockage of having to tell you how they are feeling you can tell them.  Best of all you can work out their best plan to move back into total health and wellbeing.

This course is excellent for alternative health practitioners, personal trainers who really want to change their client’s life.  Great for real estate agents know the house you have listed, really get to know the energy of your client.


What Do You Learn?

This course is over two days intensive then followed by practical experience:

Personal Numbers and Coding

  • Heaven’s Energy
  • Earth’s Energy
  • Mankind’s Energy

The Day that you were born

  • Birth Number
  • Path Number
  • Force Number
  • Destiny Number
  • Chinese Kua Number
  • Personal Year
  • Personal Month
  • Personal Day
  • Astrology and your Number

The Codes

  • Natural Code
  • Driving Code
  • Destiny Code
  • Lucky Code
  • Secret door Code – what is behind the core of you
  • Year Code – what will you experience

 House Numbers

  • The energy of each house number
  • Individual house numbers and the relationship to personal numerology
  • The areas in the house that can become blocked and how to unblock through personal numerology
  • House numbers and Feng Shui – the area of the house to work with according to the number of the home in relation to Feng Shui Energies
  • House numbers and colours
  • House numbers to be careful of when buying and selling property

Numbers in Real Estate

The energy connection of marketing a property

How to detect energy blockages with the sale of homes

Numbers to use for Sales and Marketing

  • Know the numbers that bring the best results

Karmic Debt Numbers

  • What are Karmic Debt Numbers

Law of Attraction through numbers

  • Phone Numbers           – Personal, home and business
  • Car Rego Numbers

 Master Numbers

  • What are Master Numbers?
  • Master Number Energies

Colours and Numbers

  • The colours that relate to each number
  • Personal Colours to personal numbers

Individual Numbers

 The energy of numbers from 1 – 100


Dates for My Next Amazing Course

Date:  22nd & 23rd October


Brisbane – Centre City

Times:   9.30am – 5.00pm

Costs:       $1495.00

This is an extensive and intensive course so you really get to know numbers inside and out.  A great course if you would like to include personal profiling or coding for fitness, health, real estate, or general styling and personal development and styling.

You also have a license to use the information in this course

Costs  includes: full intensive course work books, gift and license to work with the information, morning and afternoon tea.



After the course you have three pracs to work on clients or friends that I can check to ensure you have a total understanding of how the power numbers in life and business work.


Additional Energy Training if You Choose


Mind – Body Exercises & Meditations

Numbers in Health and Wellbeing

When you work with clients or friends or even yourself once you know a person’s numbers you can map out where blockages have or are occurring in life and how to work with the persons environment, mind and body to release the blocks and set them free.

If this is an area you would like to explore learning mind, body and environment programmes and techniques simply let me know and I can design a special system for you.


What is Great About This Course

You can continue on and learn more with our online courses during the year.

If moving to being an MBE Practitioner is what you would like to do and do not have the time to come to Sydney or my in house courses – this course will allow you to work with me online.


WOW Yes! I did it

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Join others who have flipped their mind to change everything about their life from health, wealth, career and success

If They can do it – So can you.  Be the Master of Your Destiny.  

Learn to thrive in every aspect of your life.  You can have everything once you choose to have everything.

Cathy and her success

From Breast Cancer to selling her business

to selling her home and creating a life that she loved.

Margaret, Tina and Mary

From housewives to:

Margaret, International Best Seller with her books

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Tina – Achieved the most amazing change in purchasing her new


Now following her passion and helping people change their lives with her new business

Mary – selling her home, moving towns and creating an amazing place for her family

Robbie –  When the mind controls you – life is not great

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finding a new love of his life, creating a new move in his career

and living a wonderful life in the most amazing way.

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