The Power of Numbers

Numbers tell you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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The Power of Numbers

NUMBERS  – Empowerment & Success

 Numbers tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  They have the ability to take you directly to the core of a problem.When you work with numbers you have the ability to map out a person’s life and best of all you have the ability to help change that person’s life to what they really want to attract and create for their future – not what they think they have to accept.

Numbers empower you through acknowledgment, acceptance, truth, choice and action.


Personal Profiling

Personal Profiling gives you a really clear picture about YOU the person.  There are five key numbers to work with.  One:  Birth Number. The day that you were born which is your birth number.  This is your natural characteraristics. Two:  Path Number – The year that you were born is your path number.  The path number relates to the people you meet and the education you gain.  Three:  Your Force Number.  The force number relates to your natural character cists, the people you meet, the education you gain and what you make with.  Four:  Destiny Number.  What is in your destiny?  What is your true purpose in life?  Fifth:  Your Kua Number.  This is your lucky number.  This number is the key that will unblock you and trust for you forward whenever you feel you are stuck.  Or when you feel there is lots of negative energy in your life.

The other important energy that it is important to know about and that is your personal year then your personal month.  Everyone has a person year from one to nine.  Your first year is the beginning and your ninth year is closing doors and tidying up loose ends.  When you know your personal year you know what to expect during the year and how to work with the energies of the year to maximise your full potential and to enjoy great health, wealth and success.



The Power of Numbers

Course Dates – Hunter Valley

Next Dates:  

Level One – 17th June –  Time: 9.30 – 5.00pm

Level Two – 18th June – Time 9.30 am – 5.00pm

Level Three – This  level is one on one training at a date and time to suit


The Course – You have Three Levels

You have the choice of three levels when you attend my courses.

Level One is a personal introduction to the Power of Numbers and YOU the person.

Level Two we go one step further and learn about house numbers, karmic numbers, power numbers, healing numbers,

Level Three the Practitioner and Consultants course – let me show you how to work with your clients in the most amazing.  Get into their subconscious and help them reach their full potential.  How to work through health issues, money issues, career or relationship issues.  You can even help with weight issues.

The world is your oyster when you add numbers to already striving career.  Have the strategic advantage over your competitors.  Be the best that you can be.  Create a following where you are at the top of your game.

Have you ever wanted to work with people with an online business – Personal Profiling is a super way to create a great and profitable online business.

The Power of Numbers

Level One

Day One of your Intensive Course:

One day course “YOU” the Through the Eyes of Numbers

Birth Number

Path  Number

Force Number

Destiny Number

Personal Year

Personal Month

Personal Colour

Areas in the home that connect to your personal Energy

Your signature – what is the energy behind your name?

Do you carry a birth emotion?

You will receive a full personal profile with this course.  This gives you an easy way to see how the numbers come together.

Cost is $495.00 includes Personal Profile valued at $270.00 plus course notes, morning and afternoon tea.

The Power of Numbers

Level Two

Second day of our two day intensive course.

  • House Numbers – the energy and how to create amazing homes or business spaces
  • The energy of each house number
  • Individual House numbers and the relationship to personal numerology.
  • The areas in the house that can become blocked or unblock through personal numerology.
  • House numbers and Feng Shui – the area of the house to work with according to the number of the home in relation to Feng Shui Energies
  • House Numbers and Colours
  • Numbers to be careful of when buying or selling property
  • Colours and Numbers
  • Karmic Numbers
  • Marketing Numbers
  • The meaning of numbers from 1 – 100

Cost:  $495.00 which includes work book, morning and afternoon tea.

The Power of Numbers

Consulting & Practitioner Level

Level 3:

Become a Consultant or Practitioner

Let me show you how to work with numbers with your clients either in business or in healing.

Numbers in  health and fitness is super amazing.  You will be able to work directly to the subconscious of your client to know why they are the way they are.  Overweight, unhealthy or lost in life.

Have the strategic advantage over any competitor in your field.

When you move to Level Three I will work with you personally with case studies to ensure you are spot on with your information.

You will be given a license to use all my IP and Copyright Numbers information.  This License can be renewed each year with your WOW Membership for 2017 the membership is $295.00 which includes your personal WOW journal and coaching.

Your license will cover you for the first 12 months.    When you finish this course you will confident and be well educated in the Power of Numbers.

Cost is $695.00

The Power of Numbers

Training to Business with your own Brand

Business Branding and Mentoring

You are welcome to work with me to design your Business Brand Identity.

We will work together to set a plan in place to move your knowledge into the business world.

  • First the name of your business
  • The colours and logo design
  • Your Core  ingredient in your business
  • Marketing and client targeting
  • Financial Plan

The cost of your Business Branding and Mentoring differs for each client.  We will discuss your needs then cost accordingly.

There is always a discounted cost for those who have trained with me.

The Power of Numbers

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