One Foot in or Both Feet

One Foot in or Both Feet

I got up this morning ready to work with my race- horses, Willie and Daisy.

What I suddenly realized that I was only half doing the job.

I had only one foot into the racing industry and being a trainer.

It was like I was kinder of pretending I was following through.

The truth of the matter was – Yes they were being ridden three times a week.  They were being fed race feed. But I had no plan for races.  I knew they needed to be galloped fast work before they raced but this not happening.  They were just being ridden at home.  No lunging on the off days.

Why Do We Do This?

Why do we only put one foot forward and pretend we are shooting for our goals.

Is It Fear of Failure?

I never have a fear of failure.  I will always have a go.

I thought for a moment, realized what I was doing then make a decision.

I am going to follow through.  I am going to win races with both Willie and Daisy.

I was ready to commit to a plan.  Commitment is the key.

So What Did I Need to Do?

Firstly, I knew they needed to be stretched out once a week.

Which means going to the track.  Problem.  I don’t have a horse float or a car to pull a horse float.

Solution – I either buy one which is not in the budget at the moment or I work out another solution.

Thought for a moment then decided to drive to the track and ask some one there if they could ride fast work and take the horses over for me. I had some time before Ken arrived to work Willie and Daisy at home.

Answer when I asked the person I had in mind.

“NO”. Too busy and not interested. That door slammed quickly.

Back home. I then got Willie and Daisy ready for Ken to ride.
As I saddled Daisy up who always gives me the answers I thought of one of our most amazing members of my club Suzie A. I wondered if she could help me?

No point in wondering onto the phone to make a call.

One call, Suzie A being the most amazing person ever thought my plan was a great idea. She had a float and a car to pull. It was just sitting there doing nothing. Besides this would give her an opportunity to work with horses each week and there would be a reward.

Our solution she would pick me, Daisy and Willie at 6.00am each Tuesday, they would stretch out then Suzie A would pick us all up and take us home. Ken my weekly rider would ride fast work after his other track rides.

The next thing I realized that I was not bathing and taking extra care of their feet. You cannot win races unless feet are right. I was just being slack.

So while Ken was riding Willie I worked on Daisy’s feet. Bathed, painted and smoothed out.

As I worked through the morning, saddling, bathing and feeding I had the most amazing feeling of excitement of winning races.

Today I put both feet into the racing industry.

I felt empowered and ready to reach even higher goals with my business.

The truth of the matter is that Daisy and Willie deserve to reach their full potential. Besides I know when I help them to reach their full potential then I will do the same in my own business. All three working together as a team.

Take a moment and if something is not really happening in your life or business ask yourself the question: Are you putting one foot or two feet in with commitment?

This could be a relationship, your health through diet and exercise or following through with a business idea.

When you put two feet in you win. Need a little help then give me a call. Two heads are often better then one.

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