Paying it Forward – Sharing what you have with others can lead you to amazing new doors opening.

Today think of your Gran or your Gran-dad.  Do they need a little help?  Today being the 17th is a karmic day.  What you give out you receive back.  Cause and effect day.

As people grow older they loose the ability to sometimes provide as much for themselves that they would like.  They often only have a set income which they have to manage everything.

I always remember someone saying to me -“one day you will be old”, which is true.  I figure I am getting in early now to try and share my wealth, my knowledge and my time so when I may finally get old I will still have all my needs.

One of my most favourite times was pulling into a service station one day to fill up with petrol.  As I pulled in I noticed a lovely older lady also filling her car.  It was interesting to see her look so seriously at the petrol gauge.  Then when she had finished putting the petrol into her car, she then started adding extra from a small bottle.  Apparently her car was an older model and the new unleaded petrol needed the supplement to allow the new petrol to work.

My mum always reminds on a regular occasion when you see a good deed that you can do, make sure you do it.  For some reason I just had this amazing feeling that I needed to pay for her petrol.  Little did I know when I offered and did pay for her petrol I found out the story of the serious look at the gauge. This lovely lady had ironed all morning to earn $20.00 to pay for her petrol.  Even more amazing she needed to petrol to drive her vehicle to St Vinnies so she could help those in need.  How wonderful to see people to give so much to others.

I am sure you will love the whole story in my podcast this week.  Just click and enjoy.

Just imagine if more people like this lovely lady offered what they could share to help others what a wonderful world we would create.

When was the last time you did a good deed?  It makes you think does it not?

You just feel so great when you can share or when you can do a good deed.  I always remember the saying one good deed deserves another.

If you feel you do not have a lot to share.  Try checking what you have on the centre of your dining table. The dining room is the area in the home that connects you and your subconscious to sharing with others.   If you have nothing place a bowl of oranges and see your luck change.  Oranges in Chinese means KUM or wealth.