Working Out Your Personal Year

Working out your personal year is easy.

You simply take the day that you were born add the month that you were born then add the present year.

If you want to know what is your personal year is  in 2018 you add the energy of 2.

Eg:  A person born on 23rd May, 1968

You ignore the 1968

You take 23 and add together 2+3 = 5

You then add the day which is 5 + the month which is 5 then the present year which is 2

5 + 5 + 2 = 12

You then add 1+ 2 = 3

You are in your 3rd personal year.

The Nine Year Cycle

1st Year

This is a year for new beginnings. Last year you should have closed doors for new doors to open. If you did not close the doors that needed to be closed then you will feel very frustrated. Put into place this year what you want to have in your life over the next nine years. Think of the first year as new beginning, birth, romance and celebration. If you are struggling with this year try cleaning the windows at home. Try something new. Give the wardrobe a good clean out and throw out any old clothes. It is only when you get rid of the old that you can make way for the new. You may find working with the colour red will help.

2nd Year

This is a year of golden opportunities, partnerships, balance and co-operation. Often in your 2nd year you will ask yourself the question whether you are with the right partner. If you are, you will make it through the year. If you feel you are not, then you may leave a relationship.

Work with sunflowers in your second year. Sunflowers represent golden opportunities. This is a year to create balance in your life, your diet and your home. Check through the home and make sure that there is balance as well as representation of two.

3rd Year

This is a year to start to have fun and enjoy life. Try and take a trip even if only a short one. The more you allow yourself to enjoy life the easier this year will be and the more you will gain. Fight against fun, time out and enjoyment and you will only feel frustrated and create pain in your life.

Remember to play. This is also an excellent year to change from being the martyr and move to being the empress/emper- or energy.

4th Year

Your fourth year is an unpredictable year. It will feel as if you are on a roller coaster. When things are good they are excel- lent but when one thing goes wrong, it will be one thing after another until there is a turn-around point. The fourth year is a great year to take a practical and logical look at what you are doing in your life, where you want to go and to work out a plan of action. It is a great year to break any patterns that keep occurring in your life. Work with the colour green as much as possible.

5th Year

This is a year of change. Change, adapt, change adapt. If you really want to move on with your life then this is a year where you have every opportunity to stop the past and start to create a new recipe for the future.

Work with the colour orange as much as possible. The colour orange will help you to change what needs to change. Also at some time make sure you give the kitchen a total clean and change around. It is very important to make sure that the stove is working and in good condition.

6th Year

This is your year to take responsibility for your life and your future. You will feel as if you are rebuilding your life all over again. It is a good year to get married, buy and sell real estate – a year to really build a home or business for the future.

Work with the colour blue or navy as much as possible. You also need to work with the home and spend time with family as much as possible. The more you work with your house to create a home, the better. The more you spend time with family and friends, the more you will find your identity.

7th Year

This is a spiritual year. It is also a year to gain more knowledge. Often in your seventh year you can doubt yourself and find it hard to make decisions. The more you open your mind to trust and spirituality the easier this year will be. Work with the colour purple as much as possible. Also try to visit the water whenever you can. You should also try to have a foot mas- sage or regular reflexology treatment to help remove any blockages within the body.

8th Year

This is a harvest year. All the seeds you have sown over the last eight years can now be harvested this year. It is a year where you will often meet your soul mate or a friend from the past will re-enter your life. This year will either go fast or slow. You will either enjoy the harvest or feel frustrated because there is nothing to harvest. Check around the home and make sure that you do not have any empty containers. Also make sure that the clocks are working. Too many clocks in the home or office will give you the feeling that time is running out and you are not achieving what you want in life.

9th year

This is a year to close doors ready for new doors to open next year. It is often a difficult year on relationships. It is not
a good year to start a new relationship, start a family or start a new business. It is a year for tidying up loose ends and com- pletion. Anything you start in this year will more than likely only last 12 – 18 months or three years max. Clean out your cupboard. Toss out anything you have outgrown. The more you release this year the more you allow in the following year.

Personal Month

Personal Month

You take your personal year then add the number energy of the month you are in.

Eg:  for the month of March if your personal year is 3

You add 3 + 3 = 6

Your personal month for March is 6.

If you read the energy of the nine year cycle you can use the same information for the month.

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