20 09, 2018

How Smart are You?  

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Do you live your life in technology and automatic or do you live your life in the real world feeling, sharing and caring? Technology is great to assist you don’t allow it to rule you.

10 07, 2016

Three important words

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Any motivational speaker or coach these days, will teach you to work with the words 'I AM'. It's an extremely powerful phrase when it comes to changing a paradigm or changing a mindset. The third power word is 'YES', but how often is [...]

6 07, 2016

Conversations with a stranger

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How often do you speak to a stranger? I know you need to watch for stranger danger, but sometimes having a casual chat to someone you have never met before can open doors you never thought possible.

16 06, 2016

Pay it forward – Doing a good deed

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Chris Brazel chats about an awesome experience where she had the opportunity to pay for the petrol of one lovely old lady who had worked all morning for $20.00 to pay for her petrol. When you do a good deed for [...]

6 05, 2016

The power of the spoken word

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Chris Brazel chats with her granddaughter, Mila, after she had an upsetting day at school where a friend was teasing her about seeing her undies...