Three important words

by | Jul 10, 2016

Three important words
Any motivational speaker or coach these days, will teach you to work with the words ‘I AM’. It’s an extremely powerful phrase when it comes to changing a paradigm or changing a mindset. The third power word is ‘YES’, but how often is the word we use most often ‘NO’.
My podcast this week takes you from just thinking and saying the three powerful words, knowing their full meaning, and aligning them to action. So often we contradict ourselves when we try to create a positive mind with positive words. We even get to saying the words out loud. Some people even get to writing out the powerful words in affirmations. But when it comes to our physical body actions and our environments we are saying something totally different. To be successful, to be aligned to these powerful words – which I know by experience they deliver – our physical actions and our environments need to be saying the same thing.
If you are not sure what you physical actions and environments are saying about you and your intentions, then give me a call or check out my other podcasts, YouTube channel or website. Let’s get you totally in alignment to all of your goals.