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Chris Brazel talks about being in the spirit of life and fulfilling your destiny on earth. Today's example is Tony Robbins.


MenDo2 is real stories about real guys who have conquored depression, anxiety and got back on their feet after they hit rock bottom.

What is Access Coding?

Access Coding is one of the most powerful ways to know YOU the person. Who you really are the person. When you know who you really are you can start to be you and nobody else.

Challenges and Adventures

2019 is going to be one of the wealthiest year you can experience. You will either find massive wealth comes your way or you will constantly go through struggle and sacrifice.  One of the keys is having fun and adventures. This year I have a great challenge from my son-in-law to do an ocean paddle […]

Coloured Undies

How to take a product and turn it into a very successful business that creates inspiration, motivation and education for well over 15 years and still growing today Coloured Undies – the perfect The purple cow –  You would have heard about the purple cow from Seth Goddin – creating a talking piece which markets […]

How Smart are You?  

Do you live your life in technology and automatic or do you live your life in the real world feeling, sharing and caring? Technology is great to assist you don’t allow it to rule you.

Conversations with a stranger

How often do you speak to a stranger? I know you need to watch for stranger danger, but sometimes having a casual chat to someone you have never met before can open doors you never thought possible.

Sleeping in… or not

Getting the best out of yourself sometimes means getting out of bed and just doing it!

Pay it forward – Doing a good deed

Chris Brazel chats about an awesome experience where she had the opportunity to pay for the petrol of one lovely old lady who had worked all morning for $20.00 to pay for her petrol. When you do a good deed for the day you receive the most awesome feeling within yourself, a feeling of total love, […]

It’s not the how – It is all about focusing on what you can do

Chris Brazel chats with Robbie who wanted to change his bedroom to work on a change of energy in his life. He lived in a rental property and although the bedroom was painted in blue – all four walls which represented that he felt like he was drowning in life always he thought he would […]

When you let go of the past you make room for the new

Hanging onto things from the past will keep you in the past. Meet Robbie who finally let go of a pair of boots he wore at his wedding. At the time he was suffering depression and felt his life was going nowhere. His body was also in pain especially his hand. Once he started to […]

The power of the spoken word

Chris Brazel chats with her granddaughter, Mila, after she had an upsetting day at school where a friend was teasing her about seeing her undies…

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