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9 Tips No Money No Worries

Chris Brazel has a conversation with Darren Tye "The Architect" on 9 tips he has for you to kick off your property development without money in your pocket. In this podcast Darren Tye The Architect has 9 tips for you.  Chris Brazel and Darren Tye chats on each tip to...

No Money No Worries

In this episode Chris Brazel "You've Got Choice" chats with The Architect about No Money No Worries. In the conversation Chris Brazel finds out from The Architect how you can do property development without any money. A unique formula The Architect has developed over...

Just Be You – You Do Not need to Be anyone but Yourself

You never need to be anyone but yourself. Chris Brazel inspires you that it is ok to just be you, don’t allow anyone to define you or try to control you and where you want to go. Easy Simple Tips to take action to be you. How to work with your brain codes to know the...

The Energy of October

OctoberWe have an awesome month this month.  The wheel of fortune with 15 energy which is like winning the lottery.  The action steps you take this month are so important to the wealth you can attract to you.My BlogEnergy for the month  This month we have a 10/1...


Chris Brazel chats how she took the story of guys she had worked with into a book. MenDo2 is real stories about real guys who have conquered depression, anxiety and got back on their feet after they hit rock bottom.

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