Power Colour Walking

Powerful Colour Walking to Train the Brain and to Empower the Mind – to empower your life

You can do it, I know you can.

Join me for an awesome day learning how to work with colour energy and walking to empower the mind to empowering your life.

Walking works in many ways to empower the body.  When walking you have the most amazing opportunity to train your brain and to empower your mind to empower your life.

You learn how to gain confidence in your ability to start and to finish.  Success in any area of your life comes when you complete what you started.  It is easy to open a door but to walk through the door to your goals takes confidence and determination.


 We trained our brain – It was fun and Easy

There is no mountain that you cannot climb

 There is no river that you cannot cross

There is no forrest that you cannot find a path

When you work with WOW and the magical of being in a

Tribe of people who live in a conscious way.

The everyday people achieving the extra ordinary

These are not pretend people, real people

Achieving real results.

Join Chris Brazel and the WOW Commnity and start to live life to the fullest.

WOW Walking – Trains Your Brain and Empowers Your Mind

Creating Mind Power

Give it a go what have you got to lose?  NOTHING

What have you got to win?  EVERYTHING


Sometimes Life Sends You a Challenge

It is up to us whether we choose to win or lose. 

WOW Walking

Let me teach you the power of walking to training the brain and empowering your life.

When you move the body you move the mind.  When you move the mind you create a new life.

You move from the old to the new.  You gain confidence and power in knowing that you can start and you can finish.  You step into the power of success.

 Add Colour to your Walking and You add Power

Choose the colour consciously and you choose your the life you wish to have

Dates for our Powerful Colour Walking

Dates:       Sunday 10th September –  9.30am – 3.00pm

Venue:        Mulla Villa – Wollombi

Cost:           $95.00 includes Course plus afternoon tea.

The Programme:

1       How to set an intention and affirmation to train the brain to empower your mind

2      The walk – we always have a starting and a finishing – you have the choice of hills or no hills

3      The colour for this walk will be red and pink – your tribal energy with your true purpose in life ( Colours can be used in anyway)

4      Walk –  We will be working on a track with a starting and a finishing so you can choose the length of time and the distance

5      Lunch will give us a break, discussion and nourishment

6      Mindfulness Walking – learn how to Buddha Walking connecting the feet to the mind

7      Reversing – learning how to reverse from blockages and obstacles in your life

8     Leaving with an action plan to follow at home to retain your brain training

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WOW Yes! I did it

Check out my flip successes

Join others who have flipped their mind to change everything about their life from health, wealth, career and success

If They can do it – So can you.  Be the Master of Your Destiny.

Learn to thrive in every aspect of your life.  You can have everything once you choose to have everything.

Cathy and her success

From Breast Cancer to selling her business

to selling her home and creating a life that she loved.

Margaret, Tina and Mary

From housewives to:

Margaret, International Best Seller with her books

Top Ten of Amazon, New York Best Seller

Tina – Achieved the most amazing change in purchasing her new


Now following her passion and helping people change their lives with her new business

Mary – selling her home, moving towns and creating an amazing place for her family

Robbie –  When the mind controls you – life is not great

Listen to Robbie and his story of taking control of his mind,

finding a new love of his life, creating a new move in his career

and living a wonderful life in the most amazing way.

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Venue:   Collaroy Conference Centre

Date:   29th July, 2017

Time:   7.00pm – 9.30pm

Cost:   $15.00 to learn the 6 steps that you can do within 10 minutes each day – Super wellness and lifestyle tips that give you results

You also have the choice of purchasing your Train Your Brain – Flip Your Life pack for $69.00 before the event then receive the event free – a saving of $15.00

You will leave inspired, motivated and best of all you will leave such a fun, colourful and easy action step plan for flip your life.and a 6 step action programme that will take less then 10 minutes a day – how cool is that?  Don’t forget to come in colour and wear your dancing shoes.


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