||2019 Journal and WOW Membership

2019 Journal and WOW Membership


WOW Membership gives you:

The online WOW Coaching Journal which includes:

  • Energy of the year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Energy of each month
  • Monthly colours and their energy meaning
  • Areas in the home to work with and their energy connection to your mindset
  • Affirmations – the power of the written word
  • Animals – the power and energy of working with animal and how they can create mindset changes
  • Crystals – learn the power and energy of crystals


  • Private facebook chat group for questions and answers
  • Podcasts each month to keep you motivated and inspired and educated
  • Youtube videos for meditations and teachings
  • Events and challenges to keep you on track to your goals
  • Zoom meetings for questions, meditations and answers


Join an amazing WOW Community of real people achieving real goals.

Be the winner in your life. Everyone has access to anything and everything that they want, need or desire let the WOW Community show you how to access all your goals and dreams. Be ready to achieve.

Become a member of a tribe of international people who choose to live consciously and to create a better world to live in.


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