23 Day Butterfly Programme- Online


The Butterfly Programme is a 23 day journey to Freedom.

It is based on creativity, colour, discipline, affirmations and action steps each day over 23 days.

Are you ready to put attention to your intention?

There is always some form of change take place.  Depending on your pure intention to the journey will be the extent of your reward.


23 Day Butterfly Programme – Online with phone Analysis

An amazing programme that has seen so many people open the door to freedom.

  • Free to love again
  • Free to meet their soul mate
  • Free to follow their passion and turn into a business
  • Free to change their career
  • Freedom to new flows of wealth including finances

This is an online programme and includes:

  • Session with Chris Brazel on your goal for the programme
  • Analysis of your butterfly design – once you have designed your butterfly you send in for analysis and discussion
  • Download Butterfly book with colours, action steps and affirmations.
  • Check in each day to confirm you have followed through



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