2022 Be the Creator of Your Life – with Mini workshop


2022 Be the Creator of Your Life + The Bedroom it is all about choice

  • Online
  • Date: 5th January
  • Time 7.00pm QLD. 8.00pm NSW, VIC, TAS
  • The Fear position for your bed
  • The control position
  • Walls – what to have what not to have
  • Windows
  • Symbols
  • Colours
  • Quilts
  • Cushions


2022 Be the Creator of Your Life + Mini Workshops

Mini Workshops 5th January

Time:   7.00pm. QLD.  8.00 pm NSW, VIC, TAS

  • The Bedroom
  • What does your bedroom say about you
  • How to set up your bedroom
  • The walls
  • Fear position
  • Artwork
  • Quilts
  • Colours
  • Maximise your bedroom this year to ensure you reach your goals


2022 Be The Creator of Your Life –  

Month by Month guide to keep you on track to achieving your goals

  • Numerology each month
  • Colours to work with
  • Soul Energy Feng Shui Tips
  • Areas in the home to work with
  • Crystals each month
  • Oils each month
  • Affirmations and declarations
  • Animal energy to work with

2022 Be the creator of Your life is the perfect way to stay on track and in perfect energy alignment to achieve your goals and invite a wonderful year to come your way.



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