||Coding the Perfect date for Success

Coding the Perfect date for Success


Coding Dates:

Let me code the date you have chosen.  What is the energy?

How does the date you have chosen connect to your personal energies?

Have you chosen a date that is a voc period which means that nothing will happen.  This is so important when organising an event.  Sometimes we organise an event – no-body books and you feel you have failed when actually you have chosen the wrong date that does not connect with you and what you have to offer.


What ever we think subconsciously about an event, a release, a meeting, the start up of a business, wedding date – the date we choose will say whether we believe we will succeed or not.

EG if you feel your marriage is not going to last you will pick a date with a nine or 18 energy involved.  9/18 energies connect to closing doors not opening doors.  If you are in a 9/18 energy personal time then you personally already know that the marriage is not going to last.

If you feel that your business is only going to run for a brief time again you will select a date that connects to closing doors.

A simple coding of the day you have chosen or wish to choose will tell you immediately what you are thinking and feeling subconsciously about the future.


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